Tiny House Adventures with Cody & Randi

Our close friends Cody and Randi Hennigan of The Best Little House in Texas recently joined us for some good ol’ fashioned story swapping on what it’s like to travel and live very visibly in a tiny house. As regular tiny house travelers, not many can relate to life on the road like Cody, Randi, Christian and I can. Warning, this episode of Tiny House Expedition Radio gets pretty intimate on the ins and outs of tiny life. Ha! We almost forgot that we had an audience.

Cody & Randi have a tiny house, house guest.

They built their beautiful tiny home in Texas, then set off on a 6-month long road trip with their tiny in tow. Cody and Randi have now settled down in Oregon for a more private but still crazy fun, tiny life. Sit back and enjoy an up close & personal look (or listen, rather) at amazing adventure, rad parking spots, building a nomadic community, tiny house etiquette, composting toilets & much more!

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