Minim Home Design Now in Production for Buyers

If you are a fan of the Micro Showcase and Brian Levy’s Minim Homes design, then you will be happy to hear that an operational production line for the Minim House is now available.

The original Minim Home is based in Washington, D.C.


The manufactured version of the Minim House can be ordered both on a trailer or a foundation. Its 265 square feet of space feels much larger than it actually is. The new Minim will also be a refined version of the original with features like a standard mini-split heating and cooling unit, an updated bed platform, and extended two-year factory warranty on construction.

The moveable table can be adjusted be used as a desk, coffee table or dining table.


 The layout of the Minim will be the same as the Intel House, which was built last year as a prototype for Intel’s Internet of Things Platform. The layout includes the main living area with a moveable table that can positioned to become a dining table or coffee table. The kitchen includes a combination microwave/convection oven and cooktop that can be removed from the counter.

The Minim platform can fit a full bed on top and a queen bed on rollers underneath.

Minim House - 06

The kitchen counter includes a removable cooktop.


The movie screen also acts as a blind against the large front window.


The newly designed bed platform allows for a full size bed to fit on top of the platform along with the optional platform closet installed. There is room for a queen size bed to fit under the platform and still be rolled away during the day. The bathroom has a full shower and can accommodate a flush toilet or a composting or incinerating toilet.

The Minim’s built-in sofa also includes plenty of storage.


The Minim House will be built with high quality, 45-year standing seam metal roofing with downspouts and seamless gutters, and Windsor double paned windows and doors. The exterior is covered with Atlantic white cedar T&G siding.

The Minim’s layout will be like the Intel House with a larger bed platform.


The basic Minim House is $71,000 plus delivery and the trailer option is an extra $4,800. Minim Homes will also be selling floor plans for the foundation-built version of the original Minim house.

Photos by Minim Homes and Kyle Schuneman/Inhabitat

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ward mcdonough - September 6, 2016 Reply

Are there any sites in Michigan to view these Tiny Houses?

Louise G. - September 6, 2016 Reply

Very Nice. No dimensions? I would still do a loft. Really great layout.

Laura Graff - September 6, 2016 Reply

Why wd s’one pay this amount of money for such a small space? Isn’t it better to get a mobile home for the same amount of $$?

    Sparkles - October 8, 2016 Reply

    After 5 years in my double wide manufactured home, I am so ready to downsize,take a financial loss,give it away furnished and trade up for my privacy,freedom,and people who feel the way I do. The freedom these mini homes bring is priceless. Mobile or Manufactured Parks come with “trailer trash type people”. Domestic fights so loud you will hear them,police are in here 3-4 times a week. You can’t keep simple decor in your yard (chimes,birdhouse,pretty planters…heck I have even had my garbage-can stolen !) I am out of here! This Park seemed to be a dream come true at first. I loved the rules,they showed that this place wouldn’t be full of junk cars,tires,thieves etc… The rules insured it would be well kept and lawns cut and common courtesy to others. Naturally not everybody here is bad, but we all know it doesn’t take that many to ruin a small community. I agree some of these small homes prices have sky-rocketed since the movement began. One more tip,you will never get your money back out of a trailer or Manufactured Home.It doesn’t matter what updates you have done. Well what ever your choice is I hope you find happiness and I wish you happiness. As for me I can’t wait to climb up in my loft and look up at the star and smile !!

Pat - September 7, 2016 Reply

Are plans available for DIY? If so how much for the plans?

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