Tiny House Fair Scholarships

Hi, I’m Elaine Walker of the Tiny House Community website.

I’m organizing the Tiny House Fair hosted by the Yestermorrow Design/Build School (nonprofit) this June 14 through 16. We have a terrific line up of presenters from across the country who will share their expertise in specialized carpentry, creative design, legal issues, systems (solar, water, toilets for a tiny house), sharecropping, and community formation. They will also talk about their personal experiences in downsizing and what it’s like to live in a tiny house.

Tiny houses encourage intentional living and thoughtful ownership. We would like to open the workshop to people who are unable to afford the registration fee. This campaign seeks funding for 2 scholarships.

To learn more and make a donation please click here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tiny-house-fair-scholarships


Yestermorrow Design/Build School Class

Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont is hosting a building class focused on building a tiny house on wheels.

They’re hoping to find a client who would like to offer their little house as the subject of the class — significantly jump-starting the construction process! Essentially, the client would dictate the design and offer the materials, including the trailer, and the folks at Yestermorrow would begin the construction process as part of the class. http://www.yestermorrow.org/workshops/detail/tiny-house-design-build

If anyone is interested in getting more information about the class or how their project could be used in the class, please contact Paul Hanke of Yestermorrow. He can provide information about how the class went last year. I’ve attached a photo of the little house they started last year. The porch and other aspects of the house weren’t complete, but the walls and roof were on and the project well underway by the end of the class. Paul’s e-mail is jphanke@gmavt.net.

cozy tiny house