Tiny House in a Landscape

This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape features Tammy and Logan’s PAD Tiny House in it’s new home in Northern California. Tammy took this picture recently with the little Christmas tree sitting on the front porch and their tiny house nicely framed by this nearby tree.

Tammy and Logan now live on a high plain of farmland that looks toward Mt. Shasta. I had the joy of stopping and visiting with them a couple of months ago and I can imagine what it is like as winter sets in. To view more of Tammy’s photography and enjoy her writing please visit her site at RowdyKittens.com

Photo Credit: Tammy Strobel

Tammy and Logan's tiny house

How We Live – Tammy and Logan Interview

Early yesterday morning, Think Out Loud interviewed Tammy and Logan from RowdyKittens about their tiny house! The show was broadcast live from their dwelling and they had a lot of fun. I would have enjoyed being there and seeing it in person.

Unfortunately, Think Out Loud is not set up to share via embedding so you will need to visit their site to listen to the broadcast. I found it very interesting as they answered many questions I get emails about quite often.

You can listen to the episode on Think Out Loud’s website (the play button is right below the title of the article) or you can download the show. There are also lots of great photos that were taken so be sure and check those out here. Below is a photo Tammy took before the interview inside their tiny home.

Photo Credit: Tammy Strobel

Tammy and Logan interview