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Simple Stairs For The Tiny House

When we were building our tiny house I remember several sets of makeshift stairs. In fact, they were so makeshift I would hardly call them stairs (or steps). In fact, the first version was just some old cinderblocks stacked on top of each other. The first fall I took not only hurt my pride but […]

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2012 Design Challenge

Jeff H. sent me this email about a challenge for the designers and builders in the tiny house world to consider. Here is what Jeff had to say: I have a favor/challenge/request for this year for you and the builders of these tiny houses. I have my own ideas that I want to incorporate in […]

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Ajustable Modular Stairs

Alice discovered these neat stairs that are great for small tight spaces. Called the Mini Plus, the structure is completely modular, this allows easy assembly of the components and makes it easy to adjust for the steepness of the climb. For added rigidity some special lateral supports attach it to the wall. Made of solid […]

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