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Small Space Tricks – Small Living Journal

The latest issue of Small Living Journal is now online and for this month’s issue we focused on Small Space Tricks for making the most out of tiny space living. There are four articles in this month’s issue including a guest post by Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life. Small Living Journal – Issue 15: Small Space […]

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The Small Living Journal is Back

The Small Living Journal was originally the brain child of Stephanie Reiley, at Coming Unmoored. The idea was to bring together some of the key thinkers in the small house movement and co-blog on specific topics in a bi-weekly journal format. A few months ago we lost momentum… but now it’s back. We’ve made a few […]

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Small Living Journal – Bureaucracy

The single biggest roadblock to small living is, in my opinion, the excessive regulations that appear in the form of minimum-size requirements. Many of you that are reading this are likely looking for ways to live small yourself, and chances are that this is one of the reasons you haven’t been able to yet. But […]

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