Tiny House in a Landscape

Hey, I’ve been a lurker of your blog for ages and recently expatriated from Seattle to Germany (where the tiny houses seem to come in droves). I just got back from a vacation in Denmark and got some great “Tiny House in a Landscape” type photos that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

The first photo is my favorite, although it is almost difficult to spot the house, it’s so tiny. It was taken from a castle ruin, a little bit of which you can see in the foreground. Enjoy! And thank you for running such an excellent blog! -Isabelle Lafreniere

tiny tiny house


green roof tiny house

Bruce’s Sad Small House Story

This is a sad story.

This small house is falling to wrack and ruin on a Maine island. I was told it once housed a (year-round) with kids. The current owner uses it as a large storage shed.

The dimensions were taken on the outside walls. The roof actually is larger than the dimensions shown as it overhangs.

I also went inside to get a sense of the layout. The ceiling is 6′ 9″ high on the ground floor. I did not take inside dimensions as the rooms are full of stuff and it was impossible to go into the shed addition in the back. Continue reading