Tiny Stone House

by Taylor Moore

I am a photographer and filmmaker and tiny house lover. I presently have been traveling around the world doing architectural photography. On one of my drives from Sintra, Portugal to Palacio de Mafra I came across a huge abandoned stone yard. On this property I found this fantastic abandoned stone cabin. It was magical to imagine how old it might be, and how many generations had lived in it. Now it’s sadly abandoned and it’s tenants moved to the big city. Sintra, Portugal is an incredible place for finding homes like these. I am presently living in a 600 year old house that is converted into a hostel. I will on my journeys keep on a constant look out for tiny houses near and far.

little stone house

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Blonde Coyote’s Teardrop Trailer

The Blonde Coyote travels the backroads of the American West with a pair of trusty canines, a Subaru named “Raven” and a handcrafted teardrop trailer named “Rattler”. Mary Caperton Morton (aka The Blonde Coyote) is a freelance science and travel writer, photographer and a professional housesitter who has spent the past couple of years moving around the country every four to six months. Mary used to live out of her car in between housesitting jobs and carried her camping gear on the car’s roof rack – until she fell in love with teardrop trailers.

“I saw my first teardrop at a campground at Guadalupe National Park in Texas and fell instantly in love,” Mary said. “Less than a month later, I bought my own. I had been casting about for the next iteration of my life on the road. After 7 years of living out of my car in between housesitting gigs, I was craving some personal space, but I wasn’t willing to settle in one place. The teardrop was the perfect solution!” Continue reading