ECHO Cottages

by Darren

I enjoy your blog and wanted to send some info about a new company in the Hudson Valley (New York State) that I am helping. The company is called ECHO Cottages

LTD and they build ECHO Cottages for the senior market. ECHO stands for Elderly Cottage Housing Opportunity. ECHO Cottages LTD has developed and constructed a 400 square foot mobile unit that will provide a complete living environment for seniors who have entered a time in their life when living alone or distant from help is difficult.

Echo Exterior

The ECHO Cottage is leased and removed from the lease’s space as soon as living arrangements change. This is an affordable option to assisted living facilities which cannot be built fast enough to keep pace with the growing over 80 population, moving in to an existing room in a child’s house, or adding a costly addition to a family member’s Continue reading