Tiny House Safari in Sweden

by Katharina Kleidosty

I just spent a couple of weeks on holiday in Sweden, and after a few encounters with tiny houses there, I decided to take a few photos with the THB in mind. I hope you like them! If you like any of them enough to share them via your blog, you’re more than welcome to do so. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a very good camera with me, so the quality of the pictures isn’t the best.

Swedish stuga

A few comments to explain some of the pictures: Tiny cottages, called “Stuga,” are very common in Sweden. Nowadays you see a lot of them as tourist accommodation, either on campsites or in Stuga-villages called “Stugby”. One of the cabins I photographed, titled “CampsiteStuga,” can also be found here, including photos of its interior: http://www.campa.se/11/Stugor.htm (It is either type M or type L on that site.)

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Tiny Houses in Gothenburg, Sweden

by Anders Karlstam

I have attached a picture over a part of our city built up with tiny houses of different designs. This type of building in this type of area are called “kolonistuga” and the tiny houses are called “koloniområde.” This area was built way back to give hard working People in factories a chance to get recreation on vacation.

There are several areas with tiny houses in our city. Most of them are located in surrounding locations of the city, but this one and two to three more areas are located inside the city. It is a very nice contrast to all large buildings.

Sweden tiny houses

Photo Credits Anders Karlstam

Usually, people are not allowed to live in these permanently and they are empty during the wintertime.

Every house is owned personally, but owners have to be a members of a community that rents the land from the city. So every house owner rents the ground from the community, which is called a leasehold.

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