Popular Mechanics and the Kimberly Stove

I have been actively promoting this on the Tiny House Blog Facebook Fan Page but not here on the blog. I wanted to get the word out to the most people so I am letting you know about this before the contest ends.

My friend Roger Lehet who designed the Kimberly Stove is one of the finalists of the Popular Mechanics and The Alliance for Green Heat competition. Here are the details:

The Alliance For Green Heat recently announced the 14 finalists that will compete in the first-ever Wood Stove Design Challenge, an international competition that showcases some of the cleanest, most efficient next-generation wood stoves. Popular Mechanics takes a look at each of the finalists and the innovation they plan to bring to the Wood Stove Decathlon in Washington, D.C., this November.

The Kimberly Stove is currently in third place and I would love to see them move into first in the next day or so. I would like to invite you to help Roger out by voting here: http://www.popularmechanics.com/ Click on Kimberly Stove and press the Vote button. Of course if you prefer one of the others that is your choice to make!

Thank you and good luck Roger!

Kimberly Stove & Roger Lehet

Roger Lehet’s Kimberly Stove

I am excited to introduce to you Roger Lehet and his new Made in America Kimberly Stove. I have been communicating with Roger since back in July when he contacted me about his soon to be manufactured stove. Though initially designed for boats, he felt it would work great in small and tiny homes. Roger’s design really intrigued me and I was impressed with the extreme efficiency of this unit. Roger has asked me to become a distributor of this stove, and future variations, to the Tiny House community. I am excited to take part.

This multi-fueled wood burning cook stove was originally designed for cooking and heating in small spaces. Spaces such as boats, cabins, yurts, RV’s, and ice shanties. This extremely efficient cook stove boasts performance levels much greater then EPA certified wood stoves available for residential use. It’s compact design, measuring 30 in. tall and 10 in. diameter allows it to be installed and used efficiently as well as cleanly on an averaged sized boat (30 ft). This unit can also be used to heat up to 1500 sq ft of living space.

It’s flexibility in fuels allows the owner/operator to regulate it’s heat production for different operating modes. In cold weather a 5lb extruded pressed log performs the best. It gives you an 8-10hr burn time with the cook top temperature exceeding 1150 degrees Fahrenheit. For Spring into Summer weather use, 1lb of standard charcoal a day will run the stove at a lower temperature range with an even cook top temperature. Pellets and gases/oils are also optional fuel choices.

This stove is completely portable including its venting system, weighing about 65lbs. This unit would be easily deployed during disaster relief efforts. Where this stove differs from rocket stoves would be our patent pending secondary combustion system. In this area the stove gasses from the primary fire are funneled through our all fuel combustor pack. During this process temperatures up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit completely incinerate soot and smoke before either hit the chimney. Due to these efficiencies our stove burns far less fuel then any rocket or primary burn stove. Although our stove as well as the rocket stove produces clean burns, our stove stands apart when it comes to consumption of that fuel.

Brill Metal Works is an amazing state-of-the-art computer-controlled metal fabricating company http://www.brillmetalworks.com/  and their artisans do a fabulous job of building this stainless-steel Kimberly Stove.

Some things to consider about the Kimbely Stove:

  • Latest Technology
  • Durable
  • Eco friendly
  • Convenient
  • Low installation cost (around $250)
  • Easy installation
  • Made In America
  • Time saving
  • Return of investment (heat for years to come)
  • Attractive
  • Warranty (the best)
  • All stainless steel (cool to the touch)
  • Multi fuel (wood, coal, etc.)
  • Safe
  • Pride of ownership
  • Green construction
  • Nice ambiance with windowed door
  • Dry heat
  • No smoke (stop smoking after 15 minutes)
  • Cooking on stove top
  • Baking (oven coming soon)
  • Power production (coming soon)
  • Hot water (coming soon)
  • Security
  • Perfect for off grid locations
  • Sustainable
  • Tested and retested
  • no planed obsolescence

Here is a link to the Unforgettable Fire llc http://www.unforgettablefirellc.com/website with all the detailed information or call Roger at 206-850-2322. The attached photo is of Roger and his wife Bridget celebrating the arrival the K6 Stove. Mention Coupon Code THB25 and receive $25 off of shipping charges when you purchase the Kimberly Stove.

Download a Kimberly Stove brochure here: Kimb_Brochure2