Four Lights Tiny House Company’s Workshop

A Tiny House Workshop Like No Other

Four Lights has taken Tiny House Workshops to a whole new level. Join seasoned tiny house builder and designer, Jay Shafer and construction expert, Daniel Bell in this ALL NEW tiny house workshop series.

The Los Angeles Workshop is coming up April 6-7! Tickets are already on sale for a $100 savings, but for a limited time Four Lights is offering an additional 15% OFF the ticket price! LEARN MORE

A couple of Sundays ago,  I had the chance to stop by and visit Jay Shafer’s first workshop with his new company called Four Lights Tiny House Company.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the full workshop, but the half day I did get to spend with them gave me a good idea of what the overall workshop was like.

Four Lights Workshop

The first thing I noticed was that Jay no longer conducts the full presentation himself. He has brought in some professional help to explain construction techniques such as Daniel Bell, a contractor and instructor who explained the details of building a tiny home. While I was there I listened to the plumbing and electrical discussion and watched the demo. The day before my visit covered constructing walls, roof, etc. Continue reading

Four Lights Tiny House Company

Jay Shafer contacted me recently about his new website and new houses he is introducing today. He sent me the following press release to share with you.

Jay Shafer will be unveiling what he calls his, “best tiny houses yet”, at this Tuesday, December 11 at 9:00 am EST. Jay has resigned from his position at Tumbleweed Tiny Houses to form Four Lights Tiny House Company.

Marie Colvin

When asked why he split with the business he founded in 1999, Jay says, “For some of the same reasons I started designing, building and living in small houses in the first place – for more freedom and more manageability. The message and design philosophy I’d built my original company on had become harder and harder to maintain as the business grew from a one-man operation into what it is today.” Continue reading