Small Office Fits in a Box

Ben a long time reader and one who regularly sends me ideas for blog posts. Recently, he sent this link to a unique design for a tiny office. When space is an issue in a tiny or small home this little office design would work perfectly.

The prototype was designed by an Uruguayan designer, Claudio Sibille. I like the way you can fit the chair into the cabinet and fold the work table down and roll the little office space into a corner. The quality of the wood is attractive and the design modern so it would work with most any decor.

I hope this design moves from a prototype to a production unit soon. If not take the the idea and design and build your own for your home. More images of the design here.

Photo Credits: Claudio Sibille

compact desk

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Tall Man’s Tiny House

Guest Post by Adam Leu

This past winter, my brother and I decided to try our hands at a tiny house build. With my skills as a builder and my brother’s as an artist and designer, we set out with a rough design and many things to learn. We began with a modified plan that was inspired by two of Michael Janzen’s solar house plans from The final product is the beaming rustic modern tiny house you see above.

Our spacious tiny house began as a 20 ft trailer with dual #3500 axles that transported a lowly camper in days bygone. Painted and leveled, construction was ready to begin.

Tall Mans Tiny House

The now completed rustic modern home is 21ft long, cantilevered a foot off the back, and semi-divided into three seven-foot sections. The square footage is approximately 130 sq ft, not including the additional sleeping loft. It has a maxed out 8ft 6 in width and towering 13ft 3in height, with a folding deck and removable awning for travel. While the weight is yet to be determined, it is estimated at 5500 – 6000 pounds.

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Tiny Arizona Casita

When architect Lila Cohen and designer Teina Manu purchased a lot with a bungalow in Arizona, they decided not to live in the bungalow, but to make it their architectural office. Their home then became the 450 square foot shed at the back of the property. According to Lila and Teina, the shed was most likely built around 1916 and they wanted to retain the original style by re-purposing many of the items and materials found in the little structure.

Manu, who is a designer who creates custom furniture, wanted the home to be eco-friendly as well.

“Little and low-priced to me is green,” he said to Arizona Central.

The tiny house contains a small kitchen/dining area, a living room, one bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom with a sunken tub. From the front door of the house, every room is visible except the bathroom. A full size washer and dryer are inside a closet and a tiny office area utilizes a vintage sewing-machine cabinet as a desk. In the kitchen the appliances are smaller than average and the eating area is a steel breakfast bar. The couple had a stove custom made and they use Japanese shoji screens to separate the bedroom and living/cooking area. In fact, every door in the house is a sliding screen door. Continue reading