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Five simple, adjustable and rotating tables for tiny houses

The RV industry seems to be an inspiration for tiny houses. From trailer foundations to slideouts, campers and trailers and their space-saving techniques have helped tiny houses flourish. The RV table, once a clumsy beast, has now been streamlined to accommodate various configurations. For example, nüCamp’s updated T@B camper no longer has an unwieldly table […]

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The Expandable Seat For The Small Space

One would like to presume that nesting chairs are derivatives of either Russian matryoshka dolls – a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another – or perhaps more recently, Josef Albers’ Bauhaus Nesting Tables Set. Unfortunately though there really is no history at all on the nesting chair. The concept is simple enough. […]

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Where Do You Get Furniture For Your Tiny House

The traveler – strong, yet exhausted from his trek – looked up from the outpost where he had slept a few hours to half protect himself from the pounding snow of the region and half to rest his now-aching joints. He focused hard on a collection of jagged rocks that stood in formation some three […]

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