Feeling Chilly? Check Out These 3 Tiny Mobile Saunas

The Finnish tradition of the sauna (pronounced “sow-na”) is so ingrained in the culture, that Finns make plans for the tiny, wood-lined boxes in their new homes. While not everyone is lucky enough to have a sauna in their own home (much less a tiny house), the mobile sauna is becoming more of an option […]

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 71 – Tiny Houses as an Investment

Ashley Sutterfield brings up the topic of investing in this month’s issue. Investing money into a tiny house can snowball other goals such as downsizing and letting go of things you don’t use, and reducing the cost of utilities and other expenses. Most importantly, a smart investment can create financial freedom and completely change your […]

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Just Park It: Tiny Houses as ADUs

Welcome to Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot! In episode 6, we parked our tiny home in my sister Nicole’s backyard in northern Utah. For us, it is the an ideal way to visit family, striking a perfect balance between privacy and togetherness.  We first parked here two years ago. The backyard conveniently features a gravel […]

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