Beginner’s Quick-Start Guide to the Tiny Home Lifestyle

Thinking about embarking on the journey to transition into a tiny home? From downsizing advice to design, read on for an intro to what you need to know to get started. Are you drowning in clutter? Instead of walking into your home to decompress, you walk into a hodgepodge of stuff. Countertops covered with mail, […]

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Kimberly Wood Stove for Sale

I have a barely used Kimberly Stove built by Unforgettablefire L.L.C. It has been used around 25 times so is really just broken in and ready for someone to use it regularly. I am no longer in a place where I can use it so it time to get it to someone who will use […]

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10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Washington State

Washington has become one of the most popular destinations in the country for folks looking to relocate for gorgeous wilderness, temperate seasons and some of the most progressive legislature to be found – but now, the Evergreen State is becoming known for tiny houses as well. If you’re interested in downsizing in Washington, check out […]

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Deek’s Transforming A-Frame Getaway Cabin

My friend Deek is a very talented guy. He is a musician, YouTube creator, creative designer, artist, salvage expert, and a tiny house workshop host with great construction skills to teach you when you come. His website is RelaxShacks One of Deek’s designs that is my personal favorite is his transforming A-Frame getaway cabin. I […]

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Single Story Homes and Shells from Small Spaces CLE

Small Spaces CLE owner, Carl Baldesare has already lived on a sailboat with a duffle bag and a box of DVDs. So he knows what its like to live in a tiny space. He founded the company to create innovative and luxurious tiny houses that are still affordable. Along the way it has evolved to […]

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