Custom Crafted Bohemian Cottages in Oregon

While tiny houses on wheels make much of the news these days, there is something to be said for a well-built tiny house on a foundation—especially when it’s located in a cozy backyard. Bohemian Cottages & Tiny Homes builds 200 square foot ADUs in Oregon. Bohemian Cottages & Tiny Houses in Eugene, Oregon builds tiny […]

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Tiny Houses and Disasters – Issue 83 Tiny House Magazine

The modern tiny house movement covers many areas, but usually, we think of that perfect tiny home we want to live in ourselves. However, there are many important uses for tiny houses and natural disasters are one. In 2008, Alyssa Nolan lost her home in the Butte Lightning Complex Fire in Chico, Calif. That experience […]

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Stunning Sedona Tiny House Village Retreat and Demonstration Project

TinyCamp is a tiny house village in vibrant Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona. It’s a one-of-a-kind demonstration project created by urban planner and developer, Darin Dinsmore. Further, it is an educational research initiative for sustainable development and tiny housing in Coconino County. As such, it is helping to make living tiny legally a reality […]

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Nicole Young, Tiny Houseboats and Airbnb

Do you live near water? What does purchasing a used houseboat, fixing it up and turning it into a successful Airbnb sound like? Nicole Young has done just that and shares the process with Ethan in this week’s podcast. Having gone through the process twice Nicole has gained lots of experience and is sharing it […]

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Rural Adventures in Tiny Home Construction

Living in a tiny home enables a lifestyle of peace, simplicity, responsibility, and good stewardship. This applies to a plethora of different things, from good financial discipline — 55% of tiny home owners have more savings than the average American — to taking care of the Earth — tiny home owners tend to reduce their […]

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