Tiny Home Safety and Security for Urban Dwellers

Tiny homes offer many benefits in urban settings. They can provide more privacy than apartment living offers and can also help to reduce the high cost of living in some highly populated urban areas. Tiny homes may be small but they’re still a significant financial investment, so it’s well worth putting some money and effort […]

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Can you Power a Tiny House with the Cybertruck?

Just after the reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck, Karl Gesslein knew that the futuristic looking vehicle would be the perfect solution to power his new tiny home. It was also helpful that the truck is reminiscent of his childhood dream vehicle—the DMC DeLorean. The Tesla Cybertruck can tow 14,000 pounds, but can it power a […]

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Off-Grid Yurt Living with Smart, Frugal DIY Hacks

Connor and his wife live in a 314 sqft, 20’ off-grid yurt in western Oregon on his friend’s forest property. It is their temporary tiny home for the next few years, while they plan and save for their future tiny house build. As Connor puts it, yurts are living structures. With that come unique challenges […]

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U.K. Tiny Houses with Jonathan Avery

Yes, tiny houses are also popular in Europe and the United Kingdom. Jonathan Avery who owns and operates Tiny Houses in Scotland discusses his ingenious system called NestHouse. A movable, and modular tiny house. In this podcast, Ethan talks with Jonathan about building furniture to building tiny homes. Jonathan’s tiny house journey and what makes […]

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Tiny House Coloring Book

My friend Ethan Waldman from is constantly creating new and also fun tiny house products. His latest and I can’t wait to get my hands on it is a tiny house coloring book entitled “Color Me Tiny.” Here is Ethans description of the coloring book. Are you fascinated with the tiny lifestyle, but not […]

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