Lumber and steel prices too high? SIPS might be the answer.

The buzz around building these days is not the buildings, but the cost of materials. Because of the pandemic and renewed interest in remodeling and new construction, the demand for lumber has gone through the proverbial roof. Structural Insulated Panels can be used to build any size home. Currently the cost of lumber is up […]

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Enchanting Geodesic Dome Home

geodesic dome home

Have you wondered how a geodesic dome home works? A geodesic dome, aka geodome, is a sphere-like structure composed of a complex network of triangular pieces creating a self-balancing structural framework. Additionally, a dome home is a dwelling with standard features and amenities like any house, except it’s a partial sphere shape. A geodesic dome […]

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HONOMOBO Modular Backyard Homes and Offices

From California to Canada, a home design company is bringing modern minimalism to modular homes. These homes are not only made for traditional housing, but the company also offers their designs for tiny, efficient dwellings that can be tucked into a backyard. HONOMOBO buildings are ready to be crane-lifted into a backyard. HONOMOBO homes are […]

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