Vancouver Island Tiny House, A Comfortable Retirement Home

In preparation for retirement and to live more sustainably, Patricia moved into a custom 22’ tiny house on wheels. Her parking spot is in a wooded mobile home park, on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There her outdoor living space features a spacious deck. Additionally, it has ample room to enjoy her gardening hobby. Most […]

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Building A Shelter One Page At A Time

Becoming newly single in my 40’s flattened me financially, but the sacrifice was well worth it, to be safe and free.  A whole world of possibilities opened before me, and I was thinking about ways I could live super-cheap and super-simple so that I could get my feet back under me. I read Dee William’s […]

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Tiny Home Updates to Prioritize this Summer

Summer is full of adventure, picnics, and pool parties, but it’s also an excellent time to take inventory of your tiny home and create a home renovation plan for any pressing issues. You might be considering expanding your outdoor space, adding in more storage, or updating the exterior of your home. There’s no better time […]

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 79

Who says living in a tiny house solves all your problems? In this issue, we have several stories of just the opposite as well as a few dedicated problem-solvers. Tiny house entrepreneur Danielle LaRock shares her story of a tiny house community dream that didn’t go exactly as she wanted it to, and how she […]

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