Tiny Home Family of 4 creating Financial Freedom

Kendra, Josh, Leah, and Aspen are a tiny home family of 4 living in a 270-square-foot house on wheels. For them, this provides a priceless stepping-stone to traditional homeownership. They share how their tiny home on wheels helped them gain financial freedom over the past 3.5 years: “We were struggling with … Read more

How to Build Stunning Tiny Homes

TruForm Tiny, based in Eugene, Oregon, builds stunning tiny homes, from luxury park models to more compact budget-friendly tiny houses on wheels. Co-owners Malia and Jen’s passion for their work manifests in an extensive design/build process. They also prioritize high-quality materials and construction methods. As you might imagine, that’s reflected … Read more

AMAZING Tiny Home on a Foundation

Christo built an amazing tiny home on a foundation using mostly reclaimed wood and salvaged and recycled materials. Initially, he planned to build on wheels but had to pivot when the zoning of his land in Asheville, North Carolina, changed. On the bright side, this allowed him to build wider … Read more

Help a Tiny Home Family Survive Tragedy

I’m writing today to share about a tiny home family of three in need of help to survive a recent tragedy. The truly inspirational Hirth family is devastated by a recent horrific accident that has left them overwhelmed and in a financial world of hurt. Also, they’re heartbroken because they … Read more

They’ve lived on a Tiny Houseboat for 4 years!

Joe and CeCe live on a tiny houseboat in coastal New Hampshire. It’s been four years so far. They’re now planning on as many as five more! Initially, they wanted to build a tiny house on wheels. They switched gears when they found an affordable 1972 River Queen houseboat—just $8,500. … Read more

NEW Full 2-Story Tiny House with Lifting Roof

A new German company, Vagabundo, recently debuted their version of a full two-story tiny house with a lifting roof. And yes, it can be put on wheels and relocated as desired. During the pandemic, two young industrial engineers and an architect came together to develop a versatile and minimalist movable … Read more

Builder lives in a Beautifully Bright Tiny House

Passionate builder Mikes lives in a beautifully bright tiny house that’s full of comfortable, practical features. His impressive home on wheels is 30 long by 10 wide with an interior height of 10 feet 8 inches. That’s definitely taller than most! The high ceilings, extra width, and many well-placed large … Read more

They downsized into 300 sqft Tiny Home for freedom

“Seniors” Jim and Kathi have lived in their 300 sqft tiny home on wheels for the last six years to create more freedom. This means living in their ideal location, enjoying more expendable income, and having more time to pursue their hobbies. Their 28-foot-long THOW cost about $65,000. It was … Read more

Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro Review

Brand-new Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro just hit the market with a bang. Billed as the “Ultimate Power Master” due to its impressive 3,024-watt-hour power capacity, versatility, and portability.  It’s a bundle that includes the Explorer 3000 Pro power station and two 200-Watt SolarSaga solar panels. If you’re at all … Read more

Gorgeous 40-ft Gooseneck Tiny House

Newlyweds Leo and Shannon live in a gorgeous custom 40-ft gooseneck tiny house built by Liberation Tiny Homes. It feels anything but small. Their outdoor areas triple their overall living space. This includes a pergola-covered patio, a sizable deck in front of the home, and a huge rooftop deck with … Read more

Her Sweet Permitted Tiny House in Germany

Claudia lives in a simple, charming, and permitted tiny house dweller in Germany. She lives in the southern part of the country in a quaint village named Hopferbach. Importantly, the mayor and town council approved her home on wheels. Their only requirement was installing a sloped, red roof. So her … Read more