Austin’s Tiny Open House

Austin Hay has grown just as much as his tiny house has. However, the semi-famous young man seemed unfazed by the attention his house was getting on this sunny day in October. Dozens of people visited his tiny build last Saturday, including the parents of Kirsten Dirksen, who filmed Austin when he was 16 years old.

Austin has already been living in his tiny house for the past year-and-a-half while finishing up the final details. He’s been cooking eggs on his stove and cookies in his camp oven, which he received as a Christmas gift. While some of his friends have questioned how he gets up into his sleeping loft on such a small ladder, he proves it to them by clambering monkey-like up into his bed. He did say that on hot nights the loft is pretty miserable and not much fun to sleep in, so in the summer he will most likely crash on the futon in his main room. Continue reading

Celina’s Tiny Abode

Sixteen-year-old Celina Dill (“Celina Dill Pickle” on her blog) of Whidbey Island is not only building her own tiny house from her own plans, but she’s cutting her teeth on architecture and building with Ross Chapin. Celina is an intern for the Pacific Northwest architect who is famous for his small homes and “pocket neighborhoods“.

Celina decided she wanted to build her own tiny house after living in 15 homes with her parents. Since she is close to moving out on her own, she figured a tiny house on wheels would be the perfect solution to having a place of her own at a cost and size that she could handle.

“I think tiny houses are in the future,” Celina said. “Living with less.”

She designed her 10 foot by 18 foot house with Google Sketchup after reading a book recommended by Chapin: “A Pattern Language” by Christopher Alexander. Continue reading