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Woodland Tiny House Nashville

This is our 216 sq.ft. tiny house (not including lofts), Woodland Tiny House Nashville. My husband and I spent the last 8.5 months building it ourselves in our back yard (we hired some work done — plumbing, electric, roof, drywall), but the rest was us! We purchased a customized kit from Summerwood homes, had a tiny house raising where a whole bunch of family and friends helped us get a jump start on the project, and then worked on it in our spare time, along with help from friends and family. It has been quite the project!

We now have it rented out on Airbnb, and it is helping to make a slower lifestyle possible for us, supplementing our income while I get to stay at home as a mom to our two-year-old and continue writing. Most importantly, it will always give us flexibility — we are not sure that we’ll ever live in it full-time, but we have dreams of traveling, renting out both houses, and making it our home base while in Nashville.

We used denim insulation, a pier and beam foundation, a great on-demand water heater we’ve been very happy with from Eco-smart, and many used/salvaged items: a claw foot tub from Craigslist, kitchen cabinet, toilet, back door, lights, and some windows from Habitat Homestore. We really love it. It feels very spacious on the inside. There are still a few things we plan on changing: we hope to add more kitchen shelving, and if we were to adapt it for full-time living we would add a closet. We also plan on adding more native landscaping, though our yard is already so green in the spring!

Currently available on Airbnb:https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6247676

All photos by our brother (in-law) Christopher Moody

Also, I’ve written a few posts about our experience on our blog:


Thanks for all you do to promote tiny houses and simple living!

Jonathan and Rebecca

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Cathy Cruz - January 12, 2019 Reply

Beautiful job. It looks more spacious than it square footage.

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