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Mini Caravan

The 2011 ETA QTVan is minimalism at the extreme with a high price to match. The ETA QTVan is Designed and built by an English company called Environmental Transport Association. With the Royal Wedding approaching the company is promoting it as a way to camp in royal style. At $9,000, I sure hope so!

It’s small, just over six feet long. It has just about everything you need though: a full-size bed, a tea service, a full bar, and a 19-inch flat screen television.

On the green side, the ETA says the QTVan is 100-percent carbon neutral, as long as you use the ETA mobility scooter.

Unfortunately the QTVan is only available to English customers, so you will have to go to England to buy one. It’s small enough that I’m sure you could ship it home without adding too much to the high price.

It is neat to see what can be done with minimal space, however with no bathroom or real kitchen it would pose some problems for full time living.

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Jaie - April 28, 2011 Reply

Actually, at 9 grand considering all you get, that isn’t half bad. Still seems to be keeping tiny living in the hands of the rich though

Lucas - April 28, 2011 Reply

Will Wal-Mart be offering these to pull behind those sit down shopping carts? In case one gets worn out sleuthing out falling prices, they can just crawl in the sleeper and take a nap.

$9K….?…..I’ve got some beachfront condos in Phoenix that you’re going to love……

    Deek - April 28, 2011 Reply

    Now THAT’S pretty damn funny (Walmart comment)…
    these little campers are ultra-cool- love it! Great post/find Kent. I’d LOVE to shoot an episode on these if I could find one anywhere around the Boston area….


      Mrs Griffin - March 21, 2016 Reply

      Did or does anyone in the US make anything similar? What material is it made out of to keep it so light?

Kitty Cunningham - April 28, 2011 Reply

That’s pretty silly. Why in the world would you need a flat screen TV in your camper? Kinda misses the point doesn’t it?

deborah - April 28, 2011 Reply

To me, this is a waste of resources and not really viable. And even the scooter is not sustainable unless it’s using a renewable energy source to charge it’s battery pack…such as solar. People think if it’s electric it’s sustainable…they forget all the coal being burned to produce that electricity, not to mention the devastation to the earths surface and below. Not impressed in the slightest. 🙁

Nan - April 28, 2011 Reply

Is there seriously a need for people in Mobility Scooters to have a trailer? Is this being sponsored by The Scooter Store? I’m not a city dweller, so maybe there are people who can use this, but I just can’t picture the logical extension of hooking up rv’s to scooters. Are they going to drive them down the city sidewalks and have RV hookups in the city parks? It’s like a scene from a slapstick comedy.

    Jan'et - April 28, 2011 Reply

    I thought maybe it was just me thinking that… I mean, where can you go at max 5 mph that you need to take a camper with you???

Moontreeranch - April 28, 2011 Reply

WOAH…5 MPH speed limit…This thing is small enough to pull be hind a bicycle…but then I would have to ride the brakes…as I typically ride 3-4 times its “speed limit”

Can you say “niche market”….Ah …good luck with that.

mike - April 28, 2011 Reply

can’t figure out who the target market is…

Janel - April 28, 2011 Reply

I think it’s adorable!
LOL @ the Walmart comment 🙂

“Why would you need it with a mobility scooter” — I know a disabled lady who loves trails, she can explore the wild like everyone else, via “accessible trails”, she couldn’t handle a tent, but one of these would be perfect for her and her little doggie, to be able to make more than day trips.

Indeed, what would you need a TV for? Look out the windows. I think the “full bar” is the silliest part. Getting drunk is not what you need to do in that situation 🙂

    Irene - April 28, 2011 Reply

    Unless your limited mobility status is driving you to drink.

    FWIW, the vast majority of my relatives are British, the local town council provided my elderly uncle with a mobility scooter because he could not get to the shops easily and no longer drove. There may very well be a market for this scooter and the government may be willing to offset costs; pensioners with scooters are providing their own living quarters with their transportation, so if you are staying at a relative’s or whatnot.

    I seriously love this thing. I’m not a senior and thank the Lord I am not disabled, but I want to get around on this 24/7. I want to walk my dogs with it…

    wessonjoe - July 2, 2012 Reply

    yes, the tv and bar are silly.
    gimmicks like that are way off base.
    would rather have a porta-toilet and microwave.


ginmar - April 28, 2011 Reply

They spent more money on the TV and stuff than they did on real amenities—cooking and bathroom stuff. I wanted to see pictures of the bed.

Laura - April 28, 2011 Reply

The target market for something like this is the elderly and disabled. My father has an off-road mobility scooter that still allows him to “hike” and fish. Something like this would allow him to stay overnight. I agree the TV and bar is overkill, but you could easily put a hotplate in the thing and get rid of the TV or downsize to a smaller one.

Recharging the batteries for the scooter and RV is as green as your power source. You could have a small solar setup to charge the batteries, considering that scooter batteries are pretty much the same as the golf cart batteries lots of people already use with solar systems.

JT - April 28, 2011 Reply

$9,000 !!!! There’s an A$$ for every toilet seat, but I won’t be sitting on that one.

By the way, that looks more like a twin size bed than a full size.

alice - April 28, 2011 Reply

Perfect for those overnight concert ticket lineups (or whatever). Hey, an extra source of income for pensioners, get paid to wait in line! It would make a great backyard guesthouse, trundle it around the neighbourhood during summer visiting season.

    ginmar - April 28, 2011 Reply

    I’m sure you could pull it with a Vespa, too.

Deek - April 28, 2011 Reply

Yeah- missed the 5mph max part….which does make these kind of pointless/limited. I do love the design though- but it would make MUCH more sense if they made them car tow-able….or even by a motorcycle or moped…


Janice - April 28, 2011 Reply

Too small and overpriced!

alice - April 28, 2011 Reply Read this for an explanation of why the caravan was developed. TV and drinks cabinet fully explained.

Bill - April 29, 2011 Reply

If your health is bad enough that you must ride in a scooter, how do you expect to crawl into the camper?

I like the idea if it could be made light enough to tow by bike.

9000 dollars to creep along with perodical stops to watch TV with your head kinked doesnt impress me.

Pete - April 29, 2011 Reply

“If this Caravan’s a rockin’, ______________”
Too. Many. Jokes. 😉

Phil - April 29, 2011 Reply

I wonder how much it weighs? Would be fun to build one on a budget to pull behind a bike.

    Ben - May 3, 2011 Reply

    I agree Phil. I wonder if one of these would fit in the back of a truck? At one of the festivals I use to play, parking was more than a mile from the venue and camping space was a premium. I could bike in pulling this and more easily tag along on a friend’s camping spot yet have my privacy (at 4am) when I wanted it. I don’t think building this would take rocket science, although I’d insulate it, use LED’s, lose the screen and take three 6 quart vacuum thermoses, a foldable solar oven, an iPad and the notebook size solar charging system I have.

Tiny House Talk - May 1, 2011 Reply

[…] Kent shows you the tiniest professionally-made caravan I’ve ever seen… and it gets pulled by an electric mobility scooter (yeah) […]

dirk - May 7, 2011 Reply

a man and his remote, what else do you need?

bobfather of TOH - September 8, 2011 Reply

I think this will change my life.

I have now ordered one, and cannot wait for its delivery.

My scooter is having a tow bar and ball fitted today.

Fan-bloody-tas-tic !!!!

Mobility Scooter - January 18, 2022 Reply

This is hysterical. I just came across this article when looking up tiny homes. I already have a mobility scooter to lug this around, so I guess I am halfway there! In all seriousness though, I am looking to downsize but don’t think I can go this small.

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