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Joanna and Matthew and Greetings from Colorado

A few weeks ago I did a tour and visit with Matthew and Joanna and the Living Vehicle. You can read the post HERE. We had a fun time and I asked Joanna to keep me in the loop as they traveled on.

They just wrapped up a tiny house event in Colorado Springs at the People’s Tiny Fest and are heading to Austin, Texas. They are arriving August 23 for the Tiny house Jamboree. It should be a big show with lots of different tiny houses, etc.

Joanna says we have a promo code for 20% off tickets that you’re welcome to share with your readers. So here it is.

Here is the link to the Jamboree:

Here is the code for 20% off.

Code = LivingVehicle

I wish I could be there but since I can’t I will enjoy updates from those who attend. Are you attending?


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