Put Your Message Here TOO, an Interview with Andrew Odom

You all know Andrew Odom. He launched Tiny r(E)evolution in 2009, and he has been a mainstay in the tiny house movement ever since. No tiny house event is complete without Andrew emceeing, or as a featured speaker or even behind the scenes. Why? He's authentic, hilarious, hard-working, and of course, smart as a whip.

Andrew and his wife, Crystal began building their first tiny home way back in 2010. This was a much less glamorous time for tiny houses. You were much more likely to be considered a weirdo then seen as someone admirable and cool, who's probably been featured on "one of those shows". Andrew bravely went where very few had gone before with his tiny house build; he went after sponsorships.

For the average person, pitching sponsors can be incredibly intimidating. In my interview with Andrew, he provides insight from his tiny journey and advice for how you too can gain the coveted tiny house build sponsorships:

What inspired you to build your first tiny home?

My wife and I built our first tiny house on wheels starting in 2010. We did so more out of financial frustration than anything else. We were at a point in our life that we were scared to get locked into a mortgage we would drown under and we didn’t feel like we had many other options. One day we were just researching on the Internet and we came across Jay Shafer. His idea of “home” really captured us and from there we were committed.

How did sponsorships play a role in your build?

We began a blog so that friends and family could keep up with how crazy we were. Having built a career in marketing and advertising, I just felt like we could key into something more. On a whim one day I called a company whose product we were already planning to use. One thing led to another and they became a sponsor. From there I started building out an idea to bring on more sponsors in exchange for exposure to a market they had no other entry point to.

What have you learned about yourself from gaining the courage and savvy to successfully acquire sponsorships?

All you have to do is ask. The worse that can happen is they’ll say no.

For those out there (I’ve heard them firsthand) who think seeking sponsorship is like mooching or freeloading, what would you say to them?

Sponsorships are two-way streets. Mooching is one-way. Companies are not profit ventures because they give things away. A true sponsorship provides ROI (return on investment) for both parties.

How can Put Your Message Here Too (2017 edition) help someone gain confidence to approach potential sponsors? 

The case studies alone are inspiration. They show you how others have approached sponsorships and what worked for them. Followed by the tips and tricks, the book can really give you a clear path to follow on gaining sponsorships.

If you thought about building a tiny house but wanted to offset some of the costs by engaging in sponsorships, this book is insightful, informative and instructive.

Laura LaVoie

How does the 2017 edition differ from the original edition? 

The original edition was written at the end of 2013 and actually included a snail mail template. It wasn’t as refined and didn’t offer as much in terms of leveraging social media. The 2017 version is much more applicable to today’s market.

Where can you purchase Put Your Message Here Too (2017 edition)?

You find the book online only by visiting http://tinyrevolution.us/store/tiny-rev-products  

First and foremost this book will give you the confidence and integrity to approach any sponsor with a Win-Win attitude... So now it is with easy-to-understand sections like Relationship Over Interest, Types of Sponsorships, Building a Social Media Strategy, and E-mail 101, as well as personal accounts from other tiny house community members who have enjoyed the sponsorship of companies; local and national! And as an added bonus we have included an explanation of social media and how to leverage them, templates for email requests, and even cold calls.

This is an eBook not before seen in the tiny house community and not soon to be rivaled. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming public or being a rolling billboard for corporate America there are sure to be tips included that may give you confidence to even just barter with a local business. There is no reason to wait. There are sponsorships to be had. You just have to ask!

Andrew Odom

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