Fencl Update #2

I want to keep you updated on Jay Shafer’s Fencl tiny house build. Jay Shafer of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company will be taking this home to the east coast in May and has many stops planned along the way.

Jay is also looking for a buyer so if you are interested please contact him, also let him know you have been following the build on the Tiny House Blog.


I was unable to make it out to the site last week as I was out of town most of the week, so I was curious to see how much progress had been made while I was away.

The last time I was out there, the floor had just been completed (see previous post, towards the bottom). During the last week the walls went up, the sheathing was attached, the roof has been framed and the loft constructed. The Tyvek is being installed and they are getting ready to start the roofing later this week.

I plan to go out again on Thursday, so look for a quick update later this week. This is one of my favorite Tumbleweed models and I am looking forward to seeing it completed.



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8 thoughts on “Fencl Update #2”

    • I wish the lighting would have been better, it was rather harsh but at least you get the idea and it is fun to see it coming together.

  1. My wife and I got to see the place up close on a recent visit. It looks somewhat different than in the plans we have (we purchased plans for a Fencl). But it was helpful to see.

    • Steve said they were making some changes, I’m curious as to what exactly they are. Hope to get out again tomorrow and maybe Jay will be around this time and I can ask him.

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