Viva Las Vegas, Tiny House Build!

What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas...

Meet Megan & Jeff, the DIY tiny house builders behind Room To Spare Tiny House. They are never happier than when they are building their wheeled, just-right ticket to adventure. Both have backgrounds with Cirque du Soleil. Through this experience, Megan learned electrical and Jeff, carpentry. The perfect building duo. Their tiny home was built in Vegas, in their friend's backyard.

While living in Vegas they discovered a pioneering, free-spirited quality to desert life and a unique community vibe. Their tiny home on wheels is now complete. Jeff and Megan are now pursuing work around the country. Though they have hit the road, Vegas will always hold a piece of their hearts.

People live here because they want to be here. They made it home where it might not have necessarily have been a home before... There's a magical natural beauty around here, in the desert, that has lent itself to be home to a lot of people.

Jeff Wilson
Room To Spare Tiny House

Part of the HOME Tour of America, a Tiny House Expedition and Home State Apparel collaboration.

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