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Inventive Design Ideas from 5 Unique Tiny Homes

In our tiny house travels across North America, my boyfriend and I have had the pleasure of connecting with hundreds of tiny dwellers. Seeing how they each tailor their small space around their needs and passions never gets old. It always gives us fresh ideas for how to update our own tiny home or what we could do in a future build. 

Basically, we’ve learned that tiny homes are like self-portraits. Whether you build it yourself or have someone do it for you, there are always opportunities to customize your living space to work better for you or reflect your style. Do you love a little sparkle? Consider a DIY glitter countertop. Do you work from home? Incorporate a multifunctional small space desk in your tiny “great room.”

Watch the below video for clever tiny house design ideas from five completely unique homes. They range in size, 140 to 248 square feet, and in cost, from under $20,000 to $40,000.

What tiny home design ideas from the video most resonate with you?

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Lisa Potocnik - May 28, 2020 Reply

I was wondering where the tiny house was allowed to be parked in Boulder, Co?

guillermo - May 30, 2020 Reply

small nice spanish casitas

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