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Her Adorable Shuttle Bus Conversion Home

Sydney’s DIY tiny home shuttle bus conversion is a 2016 Ford E50. In the beginning, she found it on GovDeals.com. She paid $12,500 for the vehicle. Then she put about $8,000 into the build, which is inclusive of all of her appliances and solar power system. It’s 25 feet long from bumper to bumper, making it just a smidge bigger than a standard parking spot. She installed a deck, solar panels, and a storage box for outdoor adventure gear on the roof.

One of the real benefits of a shuttle bus over a van is the 6’2″ interior height. As a shorter lady, it feels extra spacious for Syndey. But she took other cues from van conversions, like her pull-out toilet drawer. But unlike many small rigs, Syndey does have a shower.

It’s hidden in a cabinet with a removable lid and an opening side door. A PVC pipe gets hooked into place, as well as a shower curtain. Syndey loves the convenience of an onboard shower, so she doesn’t have to rely on Planet Fitness solely. It also helps with watering plants when they need a good soak.

She achieved a vibrant, cozy feel and a cat-approved setup too. All the houseplants bring the space to life but are challenging to maintain. Notably, Syndey’s 40-foot skoolie experience taught her what to do better in her new tiny home. For instance, her DC 10.2 cubic feet fridge:

“I cook a lot, so I needed a big fridge. And my last bus didn’t have a freezer section. So I really wanted to make sure I have a freezer and one that’s a stand-up style, especially in a van. The chest style freezers really popular. A lot more energy efficient. But when you’re constantly moving, and then one thing spills, or you have berries raspberries, and it starts to drip, then you have this gross pool of that underneath at the bottom of the fridge that you have to clean pretty much weekly. You take everything out of your fridge and clean it. So big stand-up style definitely recommend.”

Her cat Caden has taken to bus life beautifully and enjoys lounging all over the bus. Syndey highly recommends a no-spill water bowl for any nomads with pets. When she needs to move her shuttle bus, Syndey just unplugs it from the USB and tips it forward so all the water is securely stored. This means there’s no need to empty it every time. Solving a previous source of annoyance.

Watch the full shuttle bus conversion tour for more bus life tips!

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