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It’s February and Love is in the Air

With both tiny spaces and Valentine’s Day, love is in the air! In this issue, we have several articles showing ways to celebrate this special time with the love of your life. Ideas of how to make it romantic even with little ones in the picture. But don’t just use these on Valentine’s Day, you can spread these suggestions for romance throughout your year.

Have you ever considered living on the water? How about in a rental houseboat with just enough room for all your needs and comfort? With this option, you can also stay close to land.

Or maybe you would prefer to sail from place to place. Learn what it’s like to downsize in a very short time and start living on the water in Betsi and Jim Hill’s story.

The advantage of living onboard a tiny floating home is the ability to change your views. When you grow bored of the view at one location, you simply untie the lines and set sail for new destinations.

Featured Articles:

Chasing The Sun
Erika Guli recounts her first year in her tiny house and the seasons that come in life.

Next Big Thing For Tiny Homes
Modular homes are typically factory-built, with costs and requirements that greatly exceed those used by Tiny Home RV builders.

Downsizing In Six Weeks
Could you imagine downsizing from 4,000 square feet to 800 square feet in just six weeks? Read how Jim and Betsi Hill did it.

Have Hammer – Will Travel
Each time Strathy pops open the back hatch he is met by curious onlookers who want to know about the traveling workshop. The Dogghouse is designed specifically for these purposes and for off-grid construction.

Finding The Right Fit
Happiness isn’t always found in the ‘bigger is better’ mentality. Sometimes you have to see how the other half lives in order to find the right fit.

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