Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape features a tiny stone cabin beside a lake and some canoeists enjoying the pleasant picture it presents.

I am a big fan of stone structures even though I realize they tend to be harder to heat and keep warm. However, the strength and stability they inspire has always drawn me to them. This is a very pleasant and well designed cabin. What do you think?

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Hope Henry - November 20, 2010 Reply


    Hope Henry - November 21, 2010 Reply

    By the way, if you really like this home, check out sites on slip form building…some really nice castle-like homes and just simple, modern houses are shown on the internet…and how to build. It is a relatively easy way to build…many of the homes shown were built by people with no construction experience. You don’t have to know masonry – the walls are poured in forms, the stones are placed in the sides of the forms so that the finished wall looks like a solid stone wall.

      Angie - September 27, 2011 Reply

      I would like to see some pictures of the inside.

Heidi Kader - November 20, 2010 Reply

I just love stone cottages as well. This is a wonderful example. Could be Lake Tahoe.

    Grae - May 12, 2011 Reply

    It is! For a brief period I lived in Minden, Nevada, just down Kingsbury Grade (NV-207) which slides down the eastern face of the Sierras like falling off the edge of the Earth (look at the Google map of the area and turn on ‘terrain’ to see what I mean) and this was one of the views I loved seeing from the highway when visiting Tahoe. Thanks for rekindling this fond memory, Kent!

Bob - November 20, 2010 Reply

I just saw the 1st installment of Harry Potter last night….the little cabin looks like a mini Hogwarts School of Magic, so of course it is cool cabin…..yes I am a big kid at heart!

JB Carmichael - November 20, 2010 Reply

Great house, I wondered if anyone know of any small houses communities that builders are building in the Ct area around Enfield, Ellington, Windsor, and/or on the border of MA CT or een in Western MA. I built an 759 sq ft house in Maine that I’d love to bring back to MA or CT, not possible of course. I’d like to downsize, but not into a condo or senior village. Thoughts?

Cheryl Jasso - November 20, 2010 Reply

I’ve seen this cabin….it’s in Montana. It is almost heart-stoppingly beautiful. It was about 15 years ago that I saw it, and I’ll never forget it.

    Kathy Kohl - November 21, 2010 Reply

    Do you remember where in Montana? I spent summers there when I was a kid from 76-90. We want to go back up for a visit and I would love to take more pictures.

    Grae - May 12, 2011 Reply

    Not Montana. Lake Tahoe. This photo is available from Super Shots and it says right in the tags that it’s Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Jay Creighton - November 20, 2010 Reply

Inspiring… looks like a nice lake too.

Amy - November 21, 2010 Reply

Ooooooh…. I so LOVE that!!!

Feng - November 21, 2010 Reply

The world’s tiniest kingdom, home of the world’s tiniest king.

Anne - November 21, 2010 Reply

(One) of my dream homes 😉 I adore.

Fran - November 23, 2010 Reply

Very attractive; however, I wouldn’t want to repair the roof with that pitch. On the upside, it seems the roof if done in slate would last a really long period of time.

Ashley - September 29, 2011 Reply

I would love to know where this place is! Anyone know? I have tried to Google it with no luck yet.

jp - January 31, 2012 Reply

Hi folks, this is one of the guesthouses at Thunderbird Lodge in Lake Tahoe, about 5 mi. south of Incline Village, where I am now!

For another house in landscape idea in Tahoe, check out the remains of the teahouse on Fanette Island in Emerald Bay.

Annie - January 11, 2016 Reply

I want to live in tiny home or cabin Can u advise web sites etceeeHere or abroad Thanks

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