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Tiny House in a Landscape

This may not be a true tiny house but I guess that is not to out of the ordinary for some of our Tiny House in a Landscape posts. The idea is to get you dreaming and your imaginations flowing.

This thatched roof getaway looks like a place to relax and take in your surroundings and enjoy the outdoors. A place to enjoy some peace and quiet and some companionship. I think I could relax here without any problem. How about you?

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Christina Nellemann - July 31, 2010 Reply

I am in love with this place!

Anne - July 31, 2010 Reply

Yeah, I could relax there forever!! Absolutely love it too!

Kay in KCMO - July 31, 2010 Reply

The suspended lounge is extra fabulous. Whoever thought of that was a genius. Now if they could just dehumidify the place and maybe make it about 50 degrees F then I’m in!

Xylia - August 1, 2010 Reply

wow,,so cool!! I wanna get to feel it immediately if possible..

Deek - August 1, 2010 Reply

Handbuilt Houses/Homes (forget the specific title) had a cool meditation/tea house over a river- similar to this back in the 60s/70s. A great book…
This canopy-cabin is much more elaborate though…


ctd - August 1, 2010 Reply

So…where is that located?

Benjamin - August 1, 2010 Reply

What do you mean “peace and quiet?” The din from the monkeys and birds is deafening. :-0

David Singhiser - August 3, 2010 Reply

Wow! I love it.

This is a cool website. Lot’s of ideas. Thanks!

MarkE - August 3, 2010 Reply

That is an awesome place to stay. Wondering…where in the world is this place. Hopefully, somewhere that stays warm all year long!

Nathan Sandver - August 4, 2010 Reply

I just wanted to give a shout out to Lloyd Kahn, who posted this photo a few days ago (noting himself that it’s been floating around the web–I’m not accusing Kent of stealing it). Folks who like this blog will probably also enjoy his at http://lloydkahn.com/. He’s published several great books on owner-built homes, and has a new book on tiny houses in the works.

I’m not affiliated with him at all, I just like his work.

    Kent Griswold - August 4, 2010 Reply

    Yes, someone else had submitted this photo to me but Lloyd and I do talk every now and than and we have been discussing his new book. It is going to be excellent so stay tuned.

Tracy - August 9, 2010 Reply

I have just discovered that this house is located in Ubud, Bali – it belongs to a friend of a friend of mine – she couldn’t believe it when she saw it posted on my FB page!………small world.

    Rachel - August 16, 2010 Reply

    Hi Tracey
    Just saw your post on tinhouseblog.
    Could you let me know how to get in touch with the place where this photo was taken – absolutely stunning!



      Kent Griswold - August 16, 2010 Reply

      I wish I knew where it was located. Any help from our readers on this would be appreciated…Kent

        bookito - August 17, 2010 Reply

        Looks like it’s the Panchoran Retreat http://panchoran-retreat.com/ in Bali. That hanging lounge does look wonderful, though I wonder a bit about mosquitos.

        mona - December 24, 2016 Reply

        Resorts Spa Treehouse in Bali

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William - July 10, 2011 Reply

First thing I think of is MOSQUITO NEtTING!!!

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charles - May 19, 2014 Reply

assuming you dont dream in the night.

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palmas - June 24, 2017 Reply

Beautiful, cool, and comfortable place to be on vacation.

Le Van Nghia - October 2, 2017 Reply

wow, I think that the house is beautiful and it is great for a vacation

colleen whelan - January 26, 2018 Reply

WOW How cool is this.

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