Tiny House in a Landscape

With all the winter storms on both coasts this weekend, I thought a cabin in the snow would be appropriate for this weeks Tiny House in a Landscape.

I’m not for sure if this is a cabin or a barn but the wind blown snow makes a beautiful background and the snow covered trees make for a gorgeous foreground. I really like snow when you can be inside a nice place snuggled up to a warm fire or out snowshoeing or cross country skiing on a day like this.

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Deek - February 28, 2010 Reply

Wow…..looks fake- like a CGI scene out of “The Polar Express”. Real nice…and could make a nice wall hanging/print….


Kent, sendin’ you and michael, a video soon- of a small house web-show I’m launching- “Tiny Yellow House” which I’ll also be hosting. Just shot episode #1 the other day- came out great. Thanks for all.

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