Tiny House in a Landscape

nature corner landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is a photograph that Michael Vaughan-Albert found and sent to me. It is a wall paper image found at Random Wall Papers and you can Click Here to get the full size image.

I’m not sure if the small building is flooded or if it is built as a floating structure. To me it looks like a barn or some type of storage building but I can imagine it converted into a tiny/small home.

The location is my ultimate dream. A beautiful lake in the mountains and a cabin in which to enjoy the view. I really enjoy the reflection of the mountains and the building. Where is your dream location for your tiny home?

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Tiny House in a Landscape – Mountain Lake | Tiny House Living - July 28, 2012 Reply

[…] the view. I really enjoy the reflection of the mountains and the building.”Read more at Tiny House in a Landscape. /* */ nRelate.domain = "www.tinyhouseliving.com"; var entity_decoded_nr_url = […]

John C - July 28, 2012 Reply

It looks to me like a boat house.

judith - July 28, 2012 Reply

Just off a deserted beach, nestled in some palm trees. Or a little houseboat docked in Key West.

Rob - July 28, 2012 Reply

Great photo! This blog has actually been a great inspiration with regards to the question you’ve posed. I’m not yet settled in a career, and so while that means I’m not close to building a home yet, it does leave open dream locations as an actual possibility.

In a thick forest, on a lake or river connected to a lake(s), and close to a quaint village would be my ideal. Definitely thinking small home, in the English cottage style with a wrap-around verandah, made of straw bale.

Sasa Vignjevic - July 28, 2012 Reply

It looks a lot like Oberer Königssee in Bavaria, Germany.

Vivian - July 28, 2012 Reply

Stilts might be good to have…

Catherine Kehl - July 28, 2012 Reply

My seminal tiny house experience was living in a small house barge on Lake Union near the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle.

Right on the bike trail, I could bike (or kayak) to work. Right near the PCC. I had beaver and blue herons in the waters around the boat, and yet I was in the middle of the city. (I love being away from it all, but cities make for a more practical and greener lifestyle for me.)


Catherine Kehl - July 28, 2012 Reply

In fact – this is the housebarge I lived on, come to think of it:


    Kent Griswold - July 28, 2012 Reply

    Beautiful, would you like to share your story? -Kent

    John C - July 28, 2012 Reply

    That’s a great looking barge. I built boats for years, mostly sailing and rowing craft. I lived aboard a 27′ sailboat for 10+ years.

    IMO barges and houseboats too often try to be too much boat. They almost never make really good boats and the compromises adversely affect livability.

    If you haven’t seen it there was a thread on here a while ago by a Dominique Brown who lives on a barge in England. Hers is proportionately narrower than was yours, but so too are the canals over there.

    Thanks for sharing.

    John - July 28, 2012 Reply

    When I was a young man…I used to subscribe to military surplus offerings, and being a ship and boat lover, I would get a lot of old minesweepers, tugs, patrol craft, even larger Navy vessels.
    Once they had a few 90′ (I think) steel hulled barges. My mind went to imagining what it would be like to make one of those a home…complete with a lawn up topside.

John G. - July 28, 2012 Reply

The best of both worlds is living aboard my 2-stateroom, 2-bath 35′ sailing sloop in Ensenada, BC at the Hotel Coral Marina for $110./week, including elec., the boat slip and access to the hotel’s indoor and outdoor pools and spas ! San Diego is one day away by boat or 2 hours by car…..one of these days will set sail for the South Pacific or elsewhere.

Sorena L. - July 28, 2012 Reply

absolutely exquisite

jean - July 28, 2012 Reply

bet you’d freeze your bootie off in winter

roswitha rood - July 28, 2012 Reply

Wow! That’s a greatest place for a holyday! where is it?

chase - July 28, 2012 Reply

It’s a CG render…

Best location… Any were away from the insanity.

Tig - July 28, 2012 Reply

The guess made by Sasa is correct. I quick google search for photos of the Oberer Koningsee turned the following photo up… http://au.fotolia.com/id/24888091

Steve - July 28, 2012 Reply

Beautiful shot 🙂

Shell - July 28, 2012 Reply

Absolutely beautiful!

Chris - July 29, 2012 Reply

Boathouse probably.

Freth - July 31, 2012 Reply

This reminds me of a mobile home that was erected in a pasture, with a corral, not far from a shallow lake. And things were fine, until one winter the skies really dumped a lot of rain and snow. By early Spring the trailer could only be reached by boat and the inside floor of the trailer was about a foot deep in water. Took an amazing photo of that. Lol! 🙂

Jake - August 2, 2012 Reply

All you need is a heater and you’re set! Absolutely amazing location.

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