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May 18, 2020

Ultimate Social Distancing with Lavender Lori and Her Tiny Montana Cabins

The idea of escaping any large city and hiding out in the wilderness or a tiny town is more prevalent than ever. Rural Airbnb and rental properties are getting more attention than New York studio apartments.

Lavender Lori lives in a tiny house on her 20-acre farm in Montana.

Photos by Lori Parr

One state where there always seems to be plenty of space is Montana. With just over a million people spread over nearly 150,000 square miles there seems to be plenty of breathing room.

Her house is a 12×7 off-grid home surrounded by prairie, mountains and lavender fields.

Lori Parr, or Lavender Lori, is one Montana resident who is living the ultimate social distancing life. Located in St. Ignatius, a scenic hamlet north of Missoula, Lori lives in a 12×7 off-grid tiny house on 20 acres. In this idyllic location she grows lavender, consults on lavender production and gardening, and writes books about the subject. She also sells fragrant lavender products on her website.

Lori grows and  harvests lavender for essential oils and bouquets.

The Lake County Leader recently ran a story about Lori’s need to switch from face-to-face gardening workshops to online teaching. Her classes include the aforementioned courses on lavender and gardening as well as information on humanure and other off-grid living subjects. They are available to anyone who wants to learn how to get more back to the land.

Her Sunshine Daydream home is available for rent on Hipcamp.

If you want to live just a little bit of the life that Lori has, she another tiny house on her property for rent on Hipcamp. the Sunshine Daydream off-grid cottage is a simple cottage with solar power, a five gallon bucket compost toilet, and a solar shower. What it doesn’t have in contemporary amenities it makes up for in views and the gained knowledge that less is more.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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