Woodie Love Bug

Woodie Love Bug

In celebration of summer and for Kent heading off to Hawaii, I thought I would do a post on these vintage style trailers by Dayton Taylor and Vintage Trailer Crazy. Part trailer, part Woodie station wagon, these 19–(Any Year) Woodie Love Bugs can be manufactured to match your tow vehicle, birth year or whatever theme you want…including “Surf’s Up.”

Each trailer is 12 feet long and weighs 1,200 pounds. They are custom made with hand built oak and birch walls and cabinets. The Vintage Trailer Crazy design team will consult with you to create your custom Woodie Love Bug. These trailers are built new from the ground up, but use VIN numbers from vintage 1930-1950 trailers. Over 500 man-hours go into the production of each little trailer. They cost around $12,500 and Dayton told me that they sell a lot of them, primarily because of the popularity of smaller trailers.

Each trailer contains a small kitchen area with plenty of storage including a charger and converter cabinet, a dining booth which converts into a double bed, and holding tanks for fresh and gray water which are stored under the sink along with the battery. A propane tank and hookup is available on the front of the trailer and a storage cabinet is located on the back. Vintage style windows and doors add to the details.

Included in each trailer:

  • New heavy-duty frame with torsion bar suspension
  • 12 volt battery or 110 volt for power
  • DVD/CD entertainment center
  • “Smart” battery charger / converter from 110v to 12v
  • 2-burner propane stove
  • Stainless steel sink with running water
  • 12 volt fridge
  • Solid wood flooring

Trailer options:

  • Air conditioner/heater combo
  • Interior/exterior color schemes: red and white, turquoise and white or black and white
  • Hitch / propane tank painted to match tow vehicle
  • Exotic woods (like birds eye maple)
  • 1950’s black and white tile, vintage “Boomerang” or “Cracked Ice” counter/table Formica
  • 1950’s Diner style aluminum table/counter edge trim
  • Matching awning

For more information contact Dayton Taylor at Vintage Trailer Crazy.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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ET - June 21, 2010 Reply

If over 500 man-hours go into the production of each little trailer and they cost around $12,500 that means they make less than $25/hour without materials or taxes accounted for. Seems to me that isn’t sustainable.

Karen - June 21, 2010 Reply

This is so great and exactly what my husband and I are looking for as anm alternative to camping in a tent!

Alex - June 21, 2010 Reply

That’s such a cool find. A little bit of an upgrade from a teardrop. I bet it can still be pulled by most vehicles but maybe not. I love their coffee and wine cups.

Liko - June 21, 2010 Reply

I must know the source of that sink/burner combo unit! It is not at COmapctappliance.com, and i am still searching, but it is awesome!

    Christina Nellemann - June 22, 2010 Reply

    Liko, I will ask Dayton about the sink/stove combo. It is nice.

    Kelly - March 2, 2011 Reply


    I must agree, I want that in my “someday” tiny house!

Benjamin - June 22, 2010 Reply

Real cool design and craftsmanship! …But I hate driving behind a polished shiny surface like that when the sun is bouncing off of it.

(Who drank all the beer?)

Woody - June 22, 2010 Reply

Karen, if you or a family member are skilled with tools, you can build your own! The great site at http://www.mikenchell.com/forums/ is loaded with plans and construction help from others who build travel trailers like this in their own garages. I’m sure lots of readers here are familiar with the site.

Alex, those aren’t coffee cups, they’re tiki mugs! Do a Google search to find them online!

Residential park homes UK - June 22, 2010 Reply

This is so Lovely. Kitchen is little bit small but looks very nice. All elements are also beautiful. At the end I just want to say that This is quite unique and elegant.

Cheryl - June 24, 2010 Reply

Now this is the way to travel. I wish more would reconsider towing such huge trailers all over the country and go way smaller. I like the setup and the wood is nice.

DanO - July 1, 2010 Reply

I am continuously drawn back to this trailer over the last weeks. Just the right size for a quick solo expedition to a trout stream, and enough comforts to wait out a storm and sleep well.

I am seriously considering building one of these as my rolling “sportsman’s Lodge” rather than building a mancave in the basement. I could escape the estrogen flooding which occassionally occurs at my home by just going out back to the camper. 8^)

Barryman - July 6, 2010 Reply

What is the exterior covered with for sun protection? How long does it take to get one after you order it. This is a really good ideas. What is the head room height?

Tiger Woods, name change? - July 21, 2010 Reply

[…] Woodie Love Bug […]

Nick Kauten - October 10, 2010 Reply

I’ve just completed my build of a 12ft trailer and had it weighed at 3550lbs. I’m wondering how these trailers only weigh 1200lbs

    Joann - March 2, 2011 Reply

    I agree, I doubt it weighs that little with all that wood. I just recently rebuilt an aframe camper and I’m sure it weighs about 2000#.

    But I do love this camper. I think I’m in love with the small camper concept. Was there anymore information about the sink stove combo. I really like this idea, looks like a nice easy clean up.

Mary Ann - March 2, 2011 Reply

And when the sun comes out you cook like a bug under a magnifying glass. But its adorable.

Windeva - March 2, 2011 Reply

From looking at the pictures, it seems that the walls are only the one layer of ply, and also the top, so no insulation for the cold or the heat. Thus saving weight. Too small to live in anyway, just pretty.

Elise - December 2, 2011 Reply

Could you make this a smidgen bigger and include a shower? That would be perfect!

Victoria - February 17, 2013 Reply

Any word on where the little sink stove combination can be sourced?

Alechia - July 29, 2013 Reply

Where can I buy a woodie love bug12′ like the one shown here?

    Christina - July 29, 2013 Reply

    Alechia, Vintage Trailer Crazy custom makes the Woodie Love Bug trailer. It looks like they are now making new trailers. Contact them with your request and location.

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