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Bamboo Cabins and Desert Getaways on BoutiqueHomes

While it sounds a little highfalutin’, the term “boutique” should actually be part of the tiny house vernacular. Within the hotel and retail industry the term is used to describe a smaller, more intimate and personal experience. Boutique hotels are becoming a more popular option for vacationers who want to support a smaller business with a chic atmosphere. This appealing concept now makes room for boutique homes.

BoutiqueHomes features unique, architecturally appealing homes for rent.

BoutiqueHomes is a searchable website that features personal homes and small hotels around the world with unique, architectural details. Unlike Airbnb and VRBO, this site continues the exclusive theme in that it’s invite-only for the property owner. Anyone interested in design should check out their selection of vacation homes and hotels. Anyone interested in tiny houses should check out the cabins and beach houses section for amazing images and small-space ideas.

Check out the Playa Viva bamboo house in Mexico.

For example, the airy Skyview Cabin in the Netherlands is a modern style cabin set in the woods. It sleeps up to four guests and has a tidy kitchen, dinette area and a loft called the ‘bird’s nest.” It rents for only €130 ($156) per night. The Playa Viva beach cottage in Mexico is a rare, round design made from bamboo. It features an open sleeping space, a common area for cooking and views of the water. The cottage rents for $265 per night. The Desert Gold home in Death Valley is a small modular home that sleeps up to six people. It was featured on an episode of Extreme Homes.

The Graz Cube in Austria is located on top of a hotel.

The Salix Cabin in Germany is a mixture of modern and rustic.

The Wooden Cabin in Portugal embraces the outdoors.

These special homes can be searched via the menu or on the world map. The site even posts unique homes that are for sale. BoutiqueHomes does not charge a booking fee and interested parties can inquire about each property or book directly online.

With its hybrid approach to all things travel, BoutiqueHomes has undisputedly pulled together an array of sophisticated and exciting possibilities into a single vacation rental site, a site that celebrates the art of travel while catering to those who have the highest of standards for their holiday and travel experiences.”

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Ron Pickle - January 1, 2018 Reply

Loved all of these tiny homes specially that bird nest loft in Netherlands, this is like let the imagination run wild and live in the most unusual manner. giving yourself a pleasant surprise!

lola still - January 3, 2018 Reply

I love the tiny houses, I would love to own one. But I can’t afford one, because I’m on SSI, so it is hard to own a house or get a loan when your credit is in the very, very poor range. I tried looking in the low income house, be the rent is about $1000.00 to $3000.00. So it so very hard to find low income house. So someone need to find some way of helping low income people own a house!

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