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Anglerfish Sauna

This sauna asks the audience to unsheathe their material mask upon entrance.  It is a building like no other.  Inspired by boat building concepts and natural shape of the female Anglerfish, a deep sea, bioluminescent creature.  I hope you enjoy the photos and I am in the process of filming and photographing the building with an artist and would be happy to share more images in the future as they develop.  For now we are enjoying the sauna in the cold winter months.

The Anglerfish Sauna is a wood fired sauna on wheels!  The project was built by the Hundred Handed Ones architectural collective, a collaboration between two artists; myself,Travis Skinner (sculptor in wood and metal) and Travis Conn (sheet metal specialist). We use sculptural form in architectural works.

The sauna features a custom stove in the tail with a garlic bulb stone basket heat exchanger, a raised brass lure light, blown glass eyeball window/lights, cedar bent wood interior and a brass and copper exterior. We ask the audience to enter through the mouth into the belly of the beast and witness natural form inspired by life.  

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Sidney - March 3, 2019 Reply

OMG! That is the most awesome sauna I have ever seen. Do you access the woodstove from the fish’s tail?

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