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MiniCasas Gypsy Caravans

João Neves – a Portuguese ceramist and sculptor – is the creator, designer and builder of MiniCasas. MiniCasas Portugal is based in Caldas da Rainha, in the centre of Portugal. With the help of MiniCasas, you can expand your living space, create your own special getaway or set up a summerhouse, studio or stylish office […]

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Santa Fe Gypsy Wagon

Libby who is building her own Bow Top Gypsy Wagon with her husband was recently visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico and discovered this old Gypsy Wagon. Though a totally different design than theirs they enjoyed looking it over and getting ideas that they might be able to incorporate into their own vardo. Libby especially liked […]

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Protostoga Interior

On the last update of the Protostoga there were many requests for interior photographs. Ann recently sent me some so I wanted to do another update. Ann says: The interior of ProtoStoga is difficult to photograph because the space is so small. The floor area is 4’10”x7’6”. At the ledge it is it’s widest 6’4”x8’3”. […]

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