Tiny House Bargain for Short Time Only

Scott Stuart contacted me about a fantastic sale he is offering on his “Mackydoo” tiny house. You can see the post on the Mackydoo here. Here is what Scott has to offer:

I would be willing to sell the tiny house as it is (dried in) if someone wanted to finish the interior,  if you think any of your readers would be interested in this you can let them know that for the next few days I will sell it for $2500 as it is,  picked up here or within 200 miles of my 72560 zipcode, I would deliver it that far for free,  any distance beyond that I would need to charge $2 per mile.

I am also willing to sell it completed but I need a commitment right now. Here are the details:

Here is the deal of the winter, I have enough time to finish this house before starting the bigger unit so I will offer one heck of a deal to anyone ready to pull the trigger today on this house finished and completed with bath, kitchen, wood interior, etc., Same delivery option as above,  free delivery within 200 miles of 72560, $2 per mile after that. The price for the house completed is just $9250 hopefully someone will take advantage of me and my situation and get a real bargain on a quality house, I really do need to move this house asap, to accept this offer the buyer will need to put down a 50% deposit with remainder due upon delivery, I will honor this offer until Tuesday 2-23-10 noon Central Time, the offer for the dried in version will be good thru Friday 2-27-10 5P.M. Central Time.

You can reach Scott anytime at 870-213-5310 or by email ozarksbest@yahoo.com.

To view some of Scott’s finished work I have attached some photos of one of his previous projects. Either Scott or I can send you more pictures of other projects he has done too.

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