Tumbleweed Lusby for Sale

Drive Away With This House Tomorrow

This Tiny House is SOLD!

A Tumbleweed customer from Curtis, Washington recently bought a Lusby, only to have her job transfer her to Alaska. After a lot of deliberating, she has decided to sell the house. It is brand new and never been used. You can purchase it with a cashier’s check and drive away with it tomorrow.


This is a unique opportunity since normally the lead time for a house is 3 months … this one is available today. You can see a video of it by clicking here. The house in the video is the actual house for sale. This home was designed and built by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

It has a standing shower, RV toilet, hot water heater, sink, stove, house heater and is ready to be plugged in and lived in. For more information, please email lusby@tumbleweedhouses.com

Tumbleweed Lusby pictures below:




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  1. Is the email address you give just for Tumbleweed, or is it how I can get in touch with the woman selling the home? I am interested in getting a writers’ cabin for Point Roberts, Washington. Do you know how much she is asking for it? Thanks.

  2. AHHH!! If Only, I would love to get it but timing is bad!
    Of the larger trailer sized houses, I like this one the best. Who ever gets it should be very happy with it.

  3. We are currently living in Olympia and are looking for a small cabin. How much is the home priced at and when can we look at it.
    Thank you.

  4. Sorry, I’ve been out of town this weekend so have not been able to reply to your questions. Here is the email from Tumbleweed that should answer your questions:

    Wow! The interest in the Lusby has been overwhelming. It’s wonderful to see such an interest in this house. We really didn’t anticipate so many emails, and this email answers most of the questions that weren’t answered in the last email.

    Some of you might not have received the original email, so I’ve included it at the end of this email.

    The biggest question that wasn’t answered was in regard to shipping.

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how much it will cost to ship it to your city … there were just too many inquires for me to do that.

    Normally, when we ship, we quote $4 per mile (does not apply in this case). If you’re curious as to how many miles it is from your house to Curtis, WA, you can mapquest directions between the two cities for a good estimate. Typically, the longer the distance, the more the price per mile will drop. However, since this house is over 750 miles away from our location, we can not quote a price.

    In the last email, we mentioned being able to help. We’ve only ever used two people to ship houses. One is Jay Shafer (the founder) and the other is Fred, who is professional truck driver in our area, and a very nice guy. Unfortunately, Fred is booked solid for some time.

    Because the house isn’t local to us, it will be less expensive to find your own shipping. If you want Jay to do it, it will be expensive. If Jay ships it, he will need to buy a plane ticket to Washington state, rent a truck, drive it to you and fly back. Those costs will be passed on to you. Additionally, Jay can only do so after you have actually purchased the house.

    Let’s talk about some less expensive alternatives:
    Place an ad on craigslist in your area or on the craigslist near Curtis, WA.

    Pick it up yourself. Don’t have a truck? Rent one.
    Find a college kid home for the summer to pick it for you. It would be fun for them.

    After you buy the house, and you still can’t find a way to ship it, we can put an ad for a driver in our next newsletter, and I’m sure you’ll get at least 20 emails from people willing to ship the house for a reasonable fee.

    I’m guessing that if you buy the house, the seller will probably let you keep it there a week or so until you find the appropriate shipping (if you haven’t already).

    To sum up the shipping: Jay is the delivery person of last resorts. He is your most expensive option. Find someone on your own, and you’ll save at least $1000. How much will it cost to ship? You’ll need to make your best estimate.

    Seeing the house:
    Jodi will have the house available to view Saturday, May 10 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Please remember that this is a private residence, and that she is not a Tumbleweed employee.

    Jodi is not able to answer questions regarding plumbing, heating, delivery, etc. If you have questions please read this entire email.

    The house is located at: 2028 Wildwood Rd., Curtis, WA 98538

    More info:
    I’m not really able to offer more help at this point in time.
    Tumbleweed is not my day job. I love this work, but unfortunately, I need to earn a living. Typically, I do my Tumbleweed work after 10pm, and answer whatever phone calls I can during the day. Jodi, the seller, works full time too, and lives in Alaska. We understand that the arrangements for this transaction might be difficult, and some people will still have a lot of questions. And at this point, it’s just not possible to take time and talk with everyone interested. If you’re still on the fence, then this might not be the opportunity for
    you. Keep in mind that you can order a house from Tumbleweed at your leisure whenever you’d like. This house is unique because it’s available today. It does not require the normal 3 month lead time. Our goal is to find a buyer but the end of the month.

    Contacting the seller
    We are not forwarding emails to the seller of the house. She asked to be involved as little as possible. If you attend the open house, you will have an opportunity to meet her.

    What’s next
    We’ll wait until after the open house before sending more emails regarding the Lusby.

    We’ve only ever built one Lusby. Every picture or video we have featured on the website is this house that is being sold. It is the “actual” house.

    Original email
    The seller is a private individual and not Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. She is selling a brand new Lusby made by Tumbleweed.

    Neither the seller nor Tumbleweed is able to offer financing for the house. It must be purchased with a cashiers check in the amount of $46,997. (This is the same price as on our website).

    The house is complete and ready to go. It is 120 square feet and weighs about 5,500 lbs. The kitchen contains a sink, undercounter fridge and 2 burner propane stove. The house is equiped with a heater.

    The bathroom is equiped with a shower, RV toilet and hand sink. The downstairs bedroom was modified as a sitting room, but can easily be converted back to a bedroom. If you have questions on how to do this, Jay will consult for free (after you buy the house – it’s pretty easy to do).

    The house can be hooked up to a regular RV hose (which is similar to a garden hose but white). This will supply the incoming water. It does not have a storage tank.

    The sewer pipe is underneath the house, and is designed to be
    connected to an RV sewer hose. That’s a flexible hose that drains into a sewer recepticle.

    For electricity, the house should be connected to a 20 amp dedicated circuit. If you desire, you can connect it to solar power (at your cost).

    There is a hookup for propane gas used for the water heater.

    The dimensions are approximately 8 feet wide by 15 feet long not including the deck. The deck is about an additional 2.5 feet. The overall length (including trailer) is approximately 20 feet. The overall width from wheel to wheel is 8.5 feet.

    The downstairs bedroom and upstairs loft are designed to fit an RV bed. The ceiling height is approx. 6’4″ and the loft height (at it’s peak) is about 3’8″. The main room has a tall vaulted ceiling. The downstairs room (“bedroom”) is about 6’2″ long and 3’6″ wide.

    The house can be picked up at any time. If you can not pick it up yourself, we may be able to help you find shipping. The closer you are, the easier it is to find shipping.

    Tumbleweed is not profiting from this transaction, we are only trying to help. Jodi is actually selling at a loss since she already paid for the shipping to Washington. Please do not try to negotiate on the price, there is no room for negotiation.


  5. *** This Just In From Steve at Tumbleweed ***

    The open house date for the Lusby in Curtis Washington is now Saturday May 17, 2008.

    Somehow, Jodi and I got our wires crossed. To repeat, the open house will be one week later than originally stated. The new open house date is Saturday May 17, 2008 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm The location for the open house is: 2028 Wildwood Rd., Curtis, WA 98538

    I also wanted to address some other common questions people had about insulation, and winter conditions for this house. The Lusby is fully insulated on all exterior walls, with double paned windows. The insulation is foam board, which caries an R value of about 8.

    The plumbing is in the floor and walls.

    I asked Jay in particular about snow loads and the warmth of the house. Please understand that Jay and I are not engineers, and are not qualified to compute load calculations that some people have requested. Here’s the best I can tell you. Jay’s first house he built was by his own definition, “The warmest house in Iowa that he’d ever been in.” Because the house is so small, and equipped with a gas heater, it does stay warm. The roof of the house is metal, and should not build up snow, as snow tends to slide off most metal roofs. A load calc for snow loads would need to be done by a qualified person.

    Unfortunately, Jodi and I rarely have an opportunity to discuss the sale of the house. Please remember that she is the seller, and not us. If you attend the open house, you’ll definitely have an opportunity to meet her. I can forward her the email addresses of interested people as well. At this point, she’s asked not to receive emails because she isn’t able to communicate with everyone. I hope we’re able to answer as many questions as possible.

    If you’re still interested in buying the Lusby from Jodi in Curtis, WA, and will not be attending the open house, please email Tumbleweed again. We will collect the email addresses and forward them to Jodi when she returns from Alaska.

    Steve Weissmann
    Tumbleweed Tiny House Co.

  6. Hi my husband and I wanted to get some information on the Lusby, and the Habitaflex foldable house. Would you please contact me please, thanks? These are just what we have been lookng for.


  7. i just fell in love with the design and the style and how you made it look. I am very interested in having a house like the one you built however i am no builder and i don’t know where to begin to design a home like yours. if it is possible to gain a copy of your house design plans would i be able to have that copy to look at for a reference guide to building my own home like yours? Im jus asking cuz you prolly have allot of offers going so it would be impossible for my to buy your home. so if you can send me a copy of your design plans id much appreciated it. thanks for your time.

  8. Just take it to Alaska it will be fine the extra insulation needed will be provided by snow cover, just look at Dick Pronnekes cabin that was quite thin.

  9. Hello good day my name is Carol I am Brazilian and would love to buy these types of protohaus house that you guys do because here in Brazil I think there is no these kinds of home and chance would have dearly for that here in Brazil taxes are too high so I would like to know how much these guys do a house that you could give me a budget of homes in size small, medium or large anything please contact me at my email carolyna_ja@hotmail.com much obliged await response.


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