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JB’s Tiny House

I have been following JB’s tiny house build sense its start, and have been meaning to do a post on it so you could follow his construction.

I got sidetracked and did not get it up soon enough. JB is right now in the process of moving into his completed home. I want to let him tell you his story.

Around a year or so ago I was travelling around Australia in a camper van, and had the idea and concept for a tiny log cabin on wheels. I dont particularly like caravans,and started thinking of something that combines the luxury, comfort and cosiness of a log cabin while still being as portable as a caravan or campervan.


My girlfriend could not visualize the concept so I set out to see if I could find any pictures of anything similair, and was surprised to find a small, but now rapidly growing movement in the U.S called the ‘The Tiny House Movement’.

One of the first that I came across was the ‘Tumbleweed Tiny House Company set up by Jay Schafer, and saw the spitting image of the concept that I had. (Living in the U.K. nothing like that exists over here) so I was pleasantly surprised.

I recently embarked upon building my own tiny house and aim to build it as cheaply as possible, acquiring materials from sources like freecycle that I have written a bit about below, and also offcuts from building sites e.t.c. (be sure to ask permission before doing this) . I aim to complete the whole project for around £1000 which at todays exchange rate 06/03/2009 is $1410 .

I am moving house in the near future so decided to build it in kit form so I could transport it easily as a work in progress and finish it at my new house. Unfortunately the only chassis that I had available was a single axle very rusty old caravan chassis so this particular house (which is hopefully going to be the first of many) will be semi permanent as I suspect the weight will exceed the chassis suspension and axle capacity i am not keen on towing the completed house along public roads.

Once finished i will look to either have it on a semi permanent site ( the wheels and axle will aid in loading onto a low loader and manouvering into position and will allow the house to be moved around your land to suit the seasons and for convenience) the other option for me is to remove the undercarriage once built (i.e. wheels , suspension and jacks) and the remount the chassis on a more suitable axle or trailer.Sorry i have no plans or sketches drawn up to see. I tend to have the plans in my head, but please keep checking back for updates to see what is getting done .

Alternatively feel free to email me with any questions or ideas. Cheers

Please go to JB’s website to view more pictures and movies as I have just given you a few samples here, plus check out his tiny mobile office build too.








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Michael Scully - August 8, 2009 Reply

Love the exterior color. Very attractive.

Andrew A. Sailer - December 28, 2009 Reply

Just got back from a house swap to Orlando, FL. I never thought I could afford to take my family to Disney for Christmas. It was fantastic, my kids thought they were in heaven!

hailey shaffer - July 9, 2012 Reply

Always wanted to meet u but I probly never get to love u your alsome…..:) 😉

laura - October 29, 2013 Reply

That cabin is so cute! A friend of mine had this tiny cabin that looked exactly like that, sadly it’s gone now:( a tiny cabin is like your own little nest^^ if I won the lottery I would have one like that and live in the middle of nowhere:)

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