Inspiring and Eco Tiny Rentals (and a Sauna) on the Isle of Wight

If you have ever wanted to escape to either a tiny house or a tiny island, Tiny Homes Holidays offers the best of both worlds. Located on the Isle of Wight (England’s largest island), this tiny house getaway not only offer four wee homes for rent, but a little spa and crafting workshops.

Tiny Homes Holidays offers four unique tiny homes for overnight stays.

Photos by Tiny Homes Holidays

Tiny Homes Holidays offers some hardcore cottagecore. Each tiny house is designed by an architect and reflects the island vibe of Wight. They are unique in that they all contain very simple details and furniture without any excess. The homes are eco-friendly with their composting toilets and solar panels which provide power.

Two of the homes are A-frame designs with wood burning fireplaces.

The Eilidh (Gaelic for light) sleeps four people and contains a wood burning stove, galley kitchen, and a loft accessed by a ladder. The home also has a shower and a composting toilet as well as solar lighting. The Silva is a little A-frame that also sleeps four. It has a wood burning stove and its decor tips a hat to the 1970s.

The interior decor of each home is simple, but efficient and cozy.

The last two homes are the Kindred and the Hygge. The Kindred is also an A-frame with a 1950s theme. The Hygge is inspired by Scandinavian summer houses and features a loft with full headroom with a protective gate.

The tiny resort also has a sauna and wood fired hot tub.

For chilly nights, the wood fired sauna and hot tub located in a meadow will warm you up no matter what time of year. If you have the time Tiny Homes Holidays offers regular workshops such as beehive making, and sea glass jewelry classes.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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