Couple Starts Howe Sound Tiny House After Backpacking Trip in Ecuador

After living the traditional “big house dream” in Squamish, British Columbia, Tim Sveum and his wife began to have doubts. The house with its big mortgage and renovations were not all they were cracked up to be. So the couple quit their jobs and backpacked through Ecuador for several months. Along the way they learned a few things.

The Howe Sound Tiny House Company builds custom homes in the Squamish, BC area.

“We don’t need much space if we have things we can do outdoors,” the couple says on their website, Howe Sound Tiny House Company. “And we can do with a lot less stuff.”

The Howe Sound Tiny House Company’s prototype features high ceilings and built-in kitchen storage.

The couple sold their home, moved into a 500 square foot mobile home and Tim took his carpentry skills to heart to build high quality custom tiny homes. The prototype home is a blue and yellow, classic tiny house design on a custom trailer. The home has a loft, tall ceilings and pine tongue and groove walls. In addition, the kitchen has built-in storage and the bathroom with composting toilet is tucked into the back of the home. This is just one model, but custom designs can be ordered for around $50,000.

The house has a roomy loft accessed by a ladder.

Even with the hotbeds of tiny homes just south of them in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland, this part of British Columbia still has not embraced the tiny house movement. Tiny homes are not currently legal in the District of Squamish, but the District is looking into zoning for the homes.

Howe Sound Tiny Homes are built on custom made trailers.

Photos by Howe Sound Tiny House Company

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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