Innovative Shipping Container Homes

Converting shipping containers into homes is full of amazing design possibilities and is remarkably sustainable. And that’s precisely what appealed to Relevant Buildings, a container house manufacturer in Oregon City, Oregon.

Owner Carl Coffman shares tours of their cutting edge small container homes. Most importantly, each is building code compliant and made with one or more high-cube shipping containers. They come in various configurations. Also, Relevant Buildings creates stacked options, like for an affordable housing condo project. Further, innovative bump-outs create added width inside. This results in more open, functional living space in many of their models. 

Model Shipping Container Homes with Conversion Process Insights:

Relevant Buildings is also venturing outside of container only builds by working with site-built elements. Their  De Lux River 40 is a 900 square feet modern shipping container home. Created with two off-set 40-foot used containers and a site-built 8-foot bridge. This creates significant extra width and height. As a result, this allows for a vaulted ceiling with clerestory windows and a sleeping loft space. In addition, the main floor features two downstairs bedrooms. Too big for you? The De Lux is available in a “mini-me” tiny home version. It is created from two 20-foot and an 8-foot bridge. 

Inside the De Lux River Shipping Container Home with “Bridge”:

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