Tiny Houses and Indoor Air Quality Part 1

Guest Post by J C Sherrill I am a heating and cooling contractor in North Carolina and have been following the Tiny House Blog for a few years. I have some concerns with a small indoor air space and I would like to share some information and offer some guidance … Read more

Tiny Mobile Home Design Ideas | Top 10 Tips

Is the open road calling your name? The Tiny House Blog is here to help you start your journey the right way with these top 10 design ideas for small mobile homes. 10. Use a composting toilet The most expensive components of a mobile home, just like a home with … Read more

Fall Backyard Activities for Families

child reaching for leaves

‘Tis the season of fall. If you and your kids have been waiting for the breezy winds and falling leaves, this is the time for you. Fall is the best time for you and your kids to get out of the home and enjoy the season in its full bloom. … Read more

Designing a Tiny Home That Supports Optimal Health

tiny house

Tiny home living is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Some people want to live more sustainably. Others want to get “off the grid” and practice minimalism. However, you might not realize that one of the biggest benefits of tiny home living is how it can support your … Read more

Breathe Easy in a Tiny House

Tiny houses are all the rage these days for many reasons. For those who want to minimize their lives and value an off-the-grid existence, tiny houses are a perfect solution. Tiny houses are quite popular with younger generations due to the low cost, the freedom that mobility offers, and green … Read more

Llamalopolis, an Urban Tiny Living Oasis

Ten thousand miles into our exploratory tiny house road trip, we found ourselves in the infamous Sin City. Along with the dancing neon lights and innumerable casinos, downtown Vegas hosts many bustling small businesses, especially at the magnificent Container Park, countless brightly colored murals and seen strolling down streets are locals and … Read more

4 Small Homes for Sale Right Now

Looking for a tiny house community with homes available for sale right now? Look no further! Check out this community of tiny houses! Dancing Rabbit Eco-village is a community of over fifty people in north-east Missouri, where folks have come together to live in harmony with our local environment while … Read more

Mirth Lodge

Roof Line

by Collin Vickers Thomas Kortkamp, wildcrafter and woodworker extraordinaire, is living the Porous Life in Mirth Lodge, his ever-evolving tiny home and time capsule. A permaculture food forest grows in the heart of Dancing Rabbit Eco-village, where an ongoing experiment in ecological living is underway. There you will often find … Read more