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Five Natural Benefits to Spending More Time Outside Your Tiny

With the growing number of kids being diagnosed with suffering related to overexposure to screen time, the adverse idea of playing outside is almost becoming a thing of the past. However, those who are actively choosing to challenge the status-quo for everything from income margins to housing expense and environmental impact are turning the ideas […]

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Downsizing Tips from Tiny Home Dwellers

It is easy to get instruction from an advice column or our helpful family member who is offering unsolicited opinions on things they haven’t been through in 30 years. However, when it comes to specific tips, it is best to consult the experts. Whether you are downsizing from a house to an apartment, the national […]

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Just Park It: Tiny House and RV Friendly Businesses

Welcome to Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot! In this vlog series, we explore a wide variety of parking options across the US, from tiny home communities, boondocking sites to travel pit stops and more. Have you ever traveled through windy Wyoming? In episode 5, Christian and I road trip across the sparsely populated southern Wyoming. […]

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