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How-To choose windows for your Tiny House

There is no simple way to go about the task of selecting windows for your new Tiny House construct. By the time choosing them comes around you will have heard multiple times that the key to making a smaller space look larger is to incorporate lots of natural light and to use windows and mirrors […]

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Santa Fe Cabin

Lyle Congdon of Jalopy Cabins sent me an update of their most recent cabin and I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures of it. I’ll let Lyle tell you more. A few months ago we were contacted by a gentleman, Pierr, who wanted to view the Ski Hut. After driving up to visit he […]

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Tiny House in a Landscape

Crater Cove Shacks Occupancy of Crater Cove started around 60 years ago when weekend fishermen built the first huts. During the depression of the 1930s, some of the huts may have been occupied full time. Nowdays Crater Cove is managed by NPWS and cared for by volunteers since 1987. Crater Cove looks directly out toward […]

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