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1. Working From A Tiny House
Professional photographer Moose Henderson writes about life in observance of some of the country’s most dynamic animals.

2. The 10 Essential Kitchen Tools for Simplicity, Flavor, and Joy. 
So how do we go back to the basics? What do we really need for cooking great food simply in a micro-kitchen (or any kitchen) without sacrificing flavor or contentment?

3. Backyard Axe Throwing Target
How-To Expert Chris Strathy shows how to make another simple addition to the tiny lifestyle. You won’t want to miss this one!

4. The 10 Best Personal Finance Resolutions For 2020
If you are looking for some changes in your financial circumstances, here are the ten best personal finance resolutions to consider.

5. The Art Of Tiny
Kari Gale tells of her experience with Bryce Langston, walking the Camino de Santiago, and building her own tiny house.

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