Building A Wood-Framed Panelized Yurt

I’ve always been a big fan of Yurts. I love the feeling of being in the round. There are many varieties out there and a new book has been released recently that I have gotten to review.

It is called Building A Wood-Framed Panelized Yurt and is written by Marvin Denmark and Robin Koontz which have also authored Building a Smale Cable Suspension Bridge.

Marvin is a carpenter, and a craftsman and he walks you through the construction of a 16-foot diameter wood paneled yurt. Included in the book is the cutlist you need for your materials, etc.  Also included are drawings with the dimensions for each panel. The floor, wall, and roof panels. Marvin walks you through the construction of the center ring which pulls the completed structure together.

The yurt is constructed with 12-sided panels. It is based on the original yurt and the radial roof rafters work in a similar fashion to the original yurt structure.

This is a great project for the do-it-yourselfer who would like a tiny house or small structure on your property. Fairly easy to construct and with this book it makes it come to life and will give you the courage to tackle this job.

The book is filled with step by step photos and illustrations to guide you through the process.

I personally am really impressed with the quality and step by step instructions in this book. I just need a place to build one. I would love to put this book to the real challenge and build one myself.

If you decide this is the project you are looking for, get the book, build the yurt and send me photos of the completed project.

The book is now available on Amazon and you can purchase it HERE if interested.

Here is a little bonus. Robin just sent me a couple of photos of a yurt based off of these plans in progress. So NEAT!

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