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Redneck Windows for Cabins Video

Here’s a new mini-video- part of my freebie/redneck windows for cabins/budget tiny homes series….with some other news/yappage on our summer building workshop (July 9th in MA) and more. We’ll also be starting that micro-design contest (details to come) semi-soon- and thanks for agreeing to be a guest judge. We have quite a panel already, including […]

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Sawdust Burning Stove

Matt came across this on youtube the other day. A type of rocket stove I think. It would be very cheap to make and operate. A sawdust burning stove which burns smokeless, unattended for over 8 hours per charge. Perfect for a woodworking shop or other small space. I did a little more research and […]

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Laptop and a Rifle Update

Guest Post by Ryo Chijiiwa If I’d accepted the job Mark Zuckerberg offered me in 2005, I probably wouldn’t be here. If I hadn’t quit my job at Google a year and a half ago, I probably wouldn’t be here either. But I am here, and for the most part, I’m glad I am. “Here” […]

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