A Tiny Cob Home, Modern Hobbit House

It’s estimated that half of the world’s population lives in earth buildings, but for many countries this type of architecture was until recently fairly rare. Now materials like rammed earth, cob, compressed earth and mud brick are experiencing a comeback. A modern cob home- Cobtun House- in England won the … Read more

Deek Visits Walden Cabin

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen had an opportunity to visit Henry David Thoreau‘s cabin the other day and posted a video tour of the famous little cabin on YouTube. Also a bonus video made on a pit stop of the “Man Town” mobile cabin taped in Shot near Winchendon MA (not sure … Read more

Tiny House Video Submissions

Call for submissions: do you live in a small space and want to be profiled in a video? I’m Kirsten Dirksen, a former television producer (MTV, Sundance Channel, Oxygen, Travel Channel) and I now create videos for my husband’s and my website – faircompanies.com – and as a blogger for the Huffington Post. … Read more

Living small: When Home is a 150-square-foot RV

They only get about 7-10 mpg, but RVs can be environmentally friendly… when parked. “What I use in electricity and water in one month is about the same as the average American household uses in one day.” In this video, faircompanies’ blogger Bakari Kafele (biodiesel hauling from our site and … Read more

A Truly Mobile Office

Tiny Art Studio on Wheels Even if you don’t own land, you can own your own workspace, provided it’s got wheels. Stephen Marshall of Little House on the Trailer sells a tiny office- or in this case, a mobile art studio- that can be moved as a wide load for $1000. … Read more

Little House on a Trailer

It’s a 12 foot wide home on wheels, but Stephen Marshall says his original house on a trailer isn’t a tiny home, but simply a little house. The main living/working space feels more full-sized than the wee houses, but the kitchen is outfitted with a mini-sink and refrigerator and the … Read more

Tiny Yellow House #5 – Vermont Cabin

Deek just sent me a link to his latest Tiny Yellow House vidoe, so I decided to slip it into today’s video day. We head to the green mountains of Vermont, where Deek and his brother have been working on a cabin in the woods for several years. Away from … Read more

The Human Scale of Tiny Homes

Stephen Marshall built his first tiny home as a way to afford his own home in the pricey San Francisco Bay Area. A few decades later, he designs and builds custom tiny homes for people who need extra space, live-in caregivers, home offices and even those breaking county laws and … Read more

Manhattan 90-square-foot Microstudio

Kirsten Dirksen from faircompanies.com located in Barcelona, Spain contacted me the other day to share some more of her videos. I had posted a couple of her videos about Jenines tiny house and she is sharing a series on tiny spaces with the Tiny House Blog. I have started a … Read more

A Reclaimed, Recycled, Passive solar, Tiny house on wheels

Recently I showed you Jenine and Amy’s Open House and also a couple of posts about the construction of Jenine’s home and one on their new modern home. Good News! Jenine and Amy found a buyer for their new home and Jenine is off to New York for a semester of art school and sculpturing.

Jenine let me know about these three great video interviews she had with a website called faircompanies.com and I wanted you to see them and share them with your friends. They speak for themselves so spend a few minutes and watch them today.

Jenine Alexander built her own home using reclaimed materials she found at the dump or off craigslist. Total cost: the price of a used trailer and some fasteners.

Her tiny home on wheels was such a success she decided to build a second one, this time for sale, with fellow tradeswoman Amy Hutto.

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Peter King, Tiny Houses, the Sequel

Last year I introduced you to Peter King through a video put together by Stuck in Vermont. As of today a “Sequel” on the Peter King video has been added to the Stuck in Vermont website and I wanted to share it with you. You can visit Peter’s website Vermont … Read more

Tiny Houses in Vermont

I recently discovered a movie by Eva Sollberger who has a blog and creates videos about being Stuck in Vermont. Eva discovered Peter King who has been building tiny houses for years in the state of Vermont and did a cool video tour of a couple of his tiny houses. … Read more