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Tumbleweed Coast to Coast Tour

Today Jay Shafer from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company started his Coast to Coast tour that goes from San Francisco to New York with over 14 stops in different cities, making the house available for you to see. He should be arriving in Reno and setting up for open house about now. In addition, Jay will […]

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Fencl Finale

Thursday, I had a very busy “Tiny House Day.” I started the day off by splitting some wood for next years heating, than came in and got cleaned up and ready to head out. Stephen from Little House on the Trailer called and wanted me to come down and do a photo shoot of the […]

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Fencl Update #7

Wednesday I made my trip out to Jay’s to see the Fencl and see how close they are to getting it completed. They are really on the last stretch now as you can see by the pictures. All the trim has been completed around the windows and many of the cabinets are almost finished. Doors […]

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