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Sunset Modern Cottages

Small pre-fab home being constructed in Sunset Magazine parking lot Thank you Diane for sending me this link and catching this story. I for one want to follow along and hope Sunset will post more photos of the actual build. Sunset Magazine, which is a big national magazine and usually features large luxury homes and […]

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One Night House

A ‘one-night’ house for America Ian one of the Tiny House Blog readers brought this news story to my attention. This is neat and affordable housing project inspired by an old Welsh tradition that is being prepared for shipping to a prestigious festival in the United States. From the BBC News: The Ty Unnos scheme […]

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Building houses from shipping containers is not new, but I think this might be the first company I have seen that builds smaller homes that are environmentally friendly and can be secured tight like a tiny little bunker. Ecopods are built from recycled 8×20 steel shipping containers transformed into living, working and high end display […]

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